Being sensible

I was sensible, and came (almost) straight home after the tic teaching, not going back into Brum for the concert tonight.  I’ve had a productive afternoon, and have managed to send the abstract off for the conference which I’m hoping to head to in March 2009.

As mentioned earlier this week, I left my MacBook in the office, and this made me think about the security of the data on there.  Whilst I don’t have too many secrets left on the machine, it did remind me that I should take some basic precautions.  I’ve turned the ‘wake from sleep’ and ‘wake from screensaver’ password on, and have spent this evening turning FileVault (the built-in encryption), on, and then off.  Maybe I’m a little hypersensitive to performance, but it felt very ‘drowsy’ when I turned it on.  Combine this with the fact that Time Machine doesn’t work as effectively when FileVault is on, plus the fact that tomorrow my MacBook is an essential tool for my work at the Open University marketplace meant that I couldn’t really risk running anything which could compromise this.  I’ve got my ‘personal’ calling cards ready, and the handouts (which will be published on this blog tomorrow) all set.

Meanwhile, I’m still enjoying the window shopping for my laptot.  Despite some fairly persuassive arguments from my friends, I’m still heading towards the Acer, though because of my cold I’ve not been able to have a ‘rigorous’ debate face to face.. and also have a play with the Asus machines at their disposal.

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