I’m on the train!

I’m heading back from London at the moment.  The placement visit went well, and the Wrexham and Shropshire train (so far) has been more reliable than the last couple of times I’ve been out on Virgin.  One bonus is that even though you’re standard class, you can sit in a first class carriage (but you don’t get the at seat service, nice and quiet though, and a bargain at £9 each way.

One thing I’ve noticed, my mobile broadband signal is very strong in these Mark III BR coaches, compared to the last time I tried to use the broadband on a Pendolino – guess there’s less cabling to interfere with the signal.

A quick health bulletin, I’m still not 100%, but as long as I’m sensible I can cope.  I’m travelling very light, and as long as I stay on the flat at a steady pace I can walk.  It’ll pass as these things do, and better now than Christmas I guess.

Tomorrow is a mega-session at the TIC, making up for last week’s illness, and Saturday is OU working.  It’s all prepared and I’ll be fine, though I wish I was feeling just a little fitter.  I think it’ll be an early night tonight for me to rest up for tomorrow.  It doesn’t help that I’m out in town tomorrow night too, James Bond concert.  The highlights for those sitting by me could be The Man with the Golden <<COUGH>>, and You Only <<COUGH>> Twice.

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