Back in the saddle

Monday was a bit of a false start health-wise.  I came into work, but only lasted an hour before I had to go back home.  Another couple of days rest though, and I’m back in work.  I can’t guarantee that I’m fighting fit, I’m seriously looking at lecturing sitting down today, to restrict my leaping about, but this aside I should be OK.

(May be worth checking at 5pm though, after four hours of lecturing if I still feel the same way).

Tomorrow I’m London-bound on a placement visit, Friday it’s a Super-sized teaching session at the TIC, then Saturday it’s Open University day.  Good job I’m on the road to recover (all be it with antibiotics and beta-blockers pumping through my system, good job I’m not an Olympic athlete).

On top of all this, I managed to leave my MacBook at work on Monday when I had to head home.  I missed not having my laptop around.  Some people have suggested that this is a good excuse reason to buy my laptot early, but I am trying to resist until my Christmas holidays.

Though away in body, I’ve been doing lots of ‘behind-the-scenes’ work though, as I’ve been able to do little else but sit in front of a screen.  This does mean that with a colleague we’ve knocked together a great abstract for a paper – I’ll be submitting it to the conference organisers this week.

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