Headache? Tense, Nervous headache?

Why do all adverts for headache products show happy smiling people going about their normal day, with just the occasional massage of the temples to indicate that they’ve got a headache?

My headaches aren’t like this.  People closest to me now reckon they can spot that I’m going to have one before I do, apparantly I am grumpier than usual (how do people know this).  A bad one can wake me up, as I was at 3am this morning.  My new ‘miracle’ tablets, Naramig have done the trick for the last two headaches, but I woke this morning and clearly it was too far developed for these to touch it.

So rather than this gently massage I’ve tried scalding hot showers on the scalp, cool packs, and (because I can’t take my medication on an empty stomach) forcing down a round of toast at 4am so that I could take my co-codamol tablets (still made me feel sick though).

I’m in work, there’s too much to do today for me to have the option of crawling under the duvet, but am in a dark office with the laptop turned down to minimum brightness (my PC is still loading up, I’ve only been in work an hour so can’t expect it to be usable just yet!).

Still, could be worse!

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