‘new’ Elonex OneT

I still get a lot of hits to this blog looking for information about the Elonex OneT.  Though in the end I did not buy one of these cheap laptots, many people did and their comments can be read here which provides a lot of resource for anyone to work through.  I guess if I’d bought one of the machines I would be interested in consolidating this, but in the end I did not wait.

But, I noted last week that the elonexone.co.uk site had changed.  Gone are the specs for the original ‘One’, and most notably the OneUnion, which was going to be a resource for children to share resources etc.  Instead it points directly to a shop for the OneT, now available in only two colours, and at the £99/£119 price points (plus £10 shipping).

They are guaranteeing delivery before Christmas, but as many people found to their cost Elonex’s reliability on this issue is subject to debate.  But, they may be able to deliver.

Me, I still won’t be buying one.  I’ve got my heart set on an Acer Aspire One in blue, available for ‘just’ sixty pounds more than this.  I’ll leave the comments thread open on this posting though, if you’ve ordered one of the new batches, please let us know (and see if they have resolved some of the issues which have plagued the early adopters of these machines).


4 comments so far

  1. Dominic on

    Thought I would plug my own blog, thought maybe you’d be interested in my post about the Acer Aspire One.

  2. Andy Hollyhead on

    Thanks Dominic, some useful information there. For anyone trying to follow the link… the url is http://gadgetdom.blogspot.com/

  3. kate on

    i got a eleonex onet for my son and he cant play his binweevils on it it not very good at all

  4. suzie on

    i bought one each for my son and daughter, cant seem to download msn messenger or several other programmes, we r all very frustrated. if anyone can help me plzzzzzzzzzzzz

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