Switching roles

A live** blog tonight from the ITMB guru lecture which is coming from our university, transmitting to another twelve universities ‘live’.  It’s very much the new course directors party, but I’ve helped where I can, though ‘meeting ang greeting’ people.

The lecture’s going OK so far, despite some last minute panics.

But this is the second lecture of the day for me (in fact the third, if you include the two hour lecture which I gave myself!).  Earlier today I attended a lecture given by Professor Kevin Warwick.  He came to the university back in Feburary, (blogged here).  Unfortunately the talk was very much a ‘reboot’ of his previous lecture, and whilst I took some notes, much of the content was the same, so there’s nothing new to report unfortunately.

The rest of the day has been frantic, from the 6am start, nomadic web-working at the MINI garage in Sutton Coldfield, and ensuring that all is in place for teaching today and tomorrow.  All is in place though, and I’ve even been able to write an abstract for a conference paper (of more later I’m sure).

**Whilst this was live, problems with wordpress mean it’s not been published until Wednesday morning, Grrr.

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