Later start…

Due to being out late last night (and in turn completely forgetting that Petrol Stations don’t stay open late on Sunday evenings), a 6am start wasn’t feasible for me today, otherwise it wouldn’t have been worth me going to bed (a slight exagerration, but I’m allowed a little hyperbole).

In to work then via the MINI garage, as my brake light has been flickering on and off for a few days – booked in for tomorrow so I’ll be WFG (Working From Garage) for an hour or so early tomorrow morning.  It’ll be a long day, as it’s our turn to host the Guru lecture tomorrow evening, so I’ll be hanging around for that.

The rest of the day prior to teaching was spent preparing for the rest of the week, copying, getting moodle resources updated, emailing etc.

I’m feeling a little pressured at the moment, but a lot of it is self-generated, wanting to ensure that I have a steadier end of semester.  I’ve still got one lecture to prepare this semester, but tonight I’m re-reading MSc dissertations to ensure I can get the paperwork in by tomorrow.

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