The blood, the blood!

(I’m practising with dramatic titles to blog postings at the moment).

A slow start this morning, as I had blood tests at the doctors.  No problems apart from fasting for 12 hours beforehand.  I’ve over-done the carbs since though, and despite a relatively long lie in, I’ve been yawning my head off… several strong coffees were needed to perk me up for the rest of the day.

Teaching has gone OK, despite forgetting one my key props to explain the new Project Management technique of Scrum… it’ll keep to next week.  Some interesting debate after the lecture about the relative merits of the PM technqiue, which has justified my approach of creating a Scrum ‘sandwich’, discussing the technique between the two more traditional PM methodologies.

Looking ahead a little, I’ve still got to prepare two new sessions for my teaching this year.  I’ve done fairly well at keeping up with my commitments across the six modules (two x postgraduate, three x undergraduate, plus my three week teaching at the end of the semeseter)… though a little behind on the paperwork for moderation – this will be my focus the next few days so that I can get the pack to the people who need it soonest.

Meanwhile, I’m looking at LinkedIn, as I gave up on FaceBook a while back.  If any blog readers have any experience of LinkedIn, I’ll leave comments open here so they can post.

So, after a long, but rewarding day, I’m settled down with my favorite tipple, and Big Mac…. there are worse ways to spend an evening I guess.


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