Blogging seminar

I guess this is a meta-blog, a blog posting about blogging.

There’s a fair few of us now blogging in the university, and John Colby has decided to take the bull by the horns and arrange a seminar for us to look at where we are, and what we can do with those blogs.  It’s a chance for me to update my research on using blogs with students, in the light of my recent experiences, and see if I’ve learned any lessons from my last presentation at ICEL 2007 in New York.

The snag of course is my heavy teaching load, especially on Wednesdays which is the preferred day, but some diary shuffling and we’ve found a slot – far enough away for me not to panic at the moment, but close enough to ensure that I do something about it soon.

I’m looking forward to the chance, it should be a supportive environment, and as one of the ‘old time’ bloggers maybe there’s a few things I can teach these whippersnappers.

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