A long day…

The early Monday morning starts really don’t sit well with me, even with the hour extra in bed on Saturday night.  I was in and at my desk at 7:30, and doing battle with my PC and the university print service.

The rest of the normal working day was spent looking at the new moderation process, and generating the paperwork and signing other pieces off.  It’s getting there, all be it slowly, and I’ve spent a lot of time today filling forms and printing off documentation which used to be online.  We frequently cursed Lotus Notes, but boy we’re missing it at the moment.

I’ve been out of sorts all day, a generally bad mood and not my usual self.  Its probably been good that it’s been a relatively quiet day.  When I got home about 5pm though, the faint niggle of a headache had developed to the point that I felt comfortable about trying one of my new relief tablets following the doctor’s visit last week.

There’s been no adverse side effects, and the headache has indeed lifted as expected.  I’m a little tired, but no less than after a fourteen hour day of being pretty well ‘on’ all the time – even with the headache I didn’t want it to stop me, so I’ve been spending a lot of time in front of Big Mac, uploading stuff on moodle for tomorrow’s teaching sessions, and also preparing for an OU Staff Development day in November, where I’m manning one of the ‘marketplace’ stalls asI did last year.  I’ve updated all the handouts that I prepared last year, including new sections on laptots, and mobile broadband…  I’ll release them here on the day as I did before for anyone to reference.

I think I’ll hit the sack soon, listening to the excellent Elbow at the moment – wish I’d discovered them years ago!

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