Lifelong learning

In my teaching today I asked students to reflect on their lifelong learning, and to specifically answer the question in the learning log which they have created for this module…

What additional lifelong learning will you do in the next year, five years, and ten years.

And of course someone asked ‘will you be answering the question in your blog’.  So, as part of my reflection on the lecture, here’s my answer.

  • In the next year – Our main summer holiday next year we’ll be back to France.  I speak a strange dialect of the language, called Black Country French, which let’s me get by (mostly), but I need to improve.  My original plan was to attend weekly classes at the Brasshouse Language Centre, but I ran out of days in the week.  I do have some good CD’s, books and dictionaries though, and will spend some more time on this.  Apart from this, and anything I need to do work-wise, I’ll be continuing my creative writing course with the Open University, which should see the end of my BA qualification.
  • In the next five years – In the next five years, I’ll have to requalify in my PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification, and as PRINCE2 is undergoing a major rewrite I will probably need formal training in the new methodology.  There’s also self-induced pressure to start a Doctorate (PhD qualification), and I will have to start this sometime in the next five years – maybe by doing an MSc in Research Methods first?  There’s also a plan for us to buy somewhere in France, so my language skills will need to be brushed up for this, and I will take courses at the Brasshouse.
  • In the next ten years – Phew!  Over this time period so much of what I teach will have changed, look at how computing has changed over the last ten years.  I’ll have completed a PhD/EdD by then hopefully, so no doubt I’ll be doing research from that.  Who knows?  Teaching in France?  Published Author?  Who knows.
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