Battle Bridge

I’m having some work done at home, meaning that my study is temporarily out of action, as it’s storing most of my bedroom furniture and clothes.

So, á la USS Enterprise, I’ve de-camped to the Battle Bridge for my working for a day or so, namely the kitchen table with MacBook and Mighty Mouse.  It’s not too restrictive, and the ‘novelty’ factor is making me more productive at the moment.  It’s nice having my good coffee machine on tap, though I guess I have to be careful that I don’t overdose on caffeine.

One thing that I do miss however is not having my books behind me.  Though there’s so much that you can access on the Internet, I’m still sentimentally attached to my library.  About a third of my bookshelf is what I’d call ‘reference’ material, including nearly forty travel books.  One thing which I do use regularly is a my large one volume Collins Dictionary, mostly for my creative writing, but it’s always on my desk.

Oh, a second thing I’m missing having been sat here for a number of hours – my office chair!  Dining chairs are OK for a meal, but not for a day’s intensive keyboard work.

Today I’ve been having a ‘moodle’ day, encouraging students to participate, and preparing some lectures for the rest of the semester.  I’m fairly well prepared, but still need to get a couple of sessions completed, on referencing and writing reports.  I’m trying to ensure the students stay ‘engaged’, and have shifted away from my one/two hour ‘knowledge dump’ lectures.

Tomorrow it’s back to the tic, for one of my favourite sessions, groupworking.  It’s always good fun.

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