Printer Frustrations

It’s been a while since I’ve had to post anything in the category of Printer/Copier – generally the ‘follow me’ printing has worked out well, with less hogging of the printers, and generally a better ‘up time’.

Until today.

One printer was dead, so I queued up my printing before heading in hoping to just bomb through the printing needed for the week.  As I can’t print down at millennium point where I teach on Fridays,  I have to carry all my handouts on the train with me.

Until the printer unit tells me it’s ‘out of staples’.  I’m reassured by the guy who looks after the printers that in face it has loads of staples, but there’s ‘a problem’.

So, not only are my multi-part prints stuck, but all my single sheet prints too.  Judicious tapping, nudging etc. finally gets some prints out, but at the expense of my usual calm(!) demeanour.

I’ve abandoned it for today, I have the few prints I need for teaching this afternoon.  I’ll come back tomorrow with a renewed sense of inner calm…. and a hammer.

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