Google Goggles

I heard this on the news this morning, and thought ‘brilliant’.

Google have added a ‘sanity check’ feature, so that if you send an email late at night, when you’re tired and emotional, you have to perform a number of maths problems before you can send the email.

Genius, though the usually Gmail-enthusiastic WWD is less than fulsome in it’s reporting of the new feature.

I’ve not done it often, but we’ve all sent the wrong email to the wrong person.  This simple process eliminates much of the risk of this process.

What I would *really* like is time delayed email, so that for example you compose an email, and it sits in your draft folder for 24 hours before it’s sent.

To access Google Goggles, you need a gmail account (obviously).  Under settings, the tab at the end ‘Labs’ provides all sorts of goodies (I’ve turned most of these on and off at some time).  Enable Google Goggles, wait a few minutes (it takes a while to appear), and you can configure your settings on the first page of the settings tab.

Now I only something to stop me sending text messages late at night, or blog posts!

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