iTunes Visualizer

iTunes 8.0.11 hit BigMac today.  I’ve never really played much with the visualizer, as music is usually a background to what I’m doing on the main screen, but I remembered that a new visualizer was bundled with iTunes8.


This, more than anything else, demonstrates the graphics capability of Big Mac, I can’t wait to download and see what it looks like on my MacBook.  This, in a dark room, with some suitable music could create a near-to-psychadelic experience, especially when combined with the Genius playlist (what a shame they can’t retro-fit this to older iPods).

You can’t really capture the Visualizer experience in just a screen shot – but that’s not stopped me from trying below (click to embiggen).

Does this look as impressive on Windows machines?  I’ll leave comments open, I’m genuinely interested in other people’s experiences with iTunes on other platforms.


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