New Street Station…

Is a depressing place… and knowing that in the next few years it’s all going to be demolished to make way for a ‘New’ New Street Station doesn’t help.

I’m writing this as I wait for my train home after my first lecture at millennium point.  All in, it went well, and the teaching room is fairly well suited for the kind of thing we’re planning to do there.  The students seem to be OK, and looking forward to what the year holds.

One thing that may throw the students is that I’m not always planning the usual one-hour lecture followed by a seminar session, but I want to be a little more interactive.  Whilst there are PC’s abound outside the seminar room, these quickly fill up with students – though it has to be noted very few of them are doing university work, but most seem to be watching tv and playing online games.

The direct train back to where my car is parked only runs hourly, so I’ve a little time to kill here at the station.  I’ve snacked, had a coffee and am now using BT OpenZone to send this.

One thing that I will miss is that OpenZone haven’t managed to come to an agreement with The Cloud to share their hotpsots.  In reality, I’ve always found that their hotspots overlapped, but it was always nice to have a belt-and-braces alternate wi-fi provider.

I’ve found that in the centre of Birmingham, my mobile broadband dongle works incredibly well, providing a more reliable signal than wi-fi ever did.  I’ve just been able to stream the hi-def version of the BBC iPlayer with no problems across both a wi-fi and 3 mobile broadband.  The only problem I have is that I forgot my earphones – and the streaming iPlayer doesn’t seem to carry the option of subtitles.

Right, I’d better head to the platform.  I’m hoping to ‘live blog’ again from the Birmingham City University Open Day tomorrow assuming I’m not too overwhelmed with potential students.

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