My teaching knapsack

I’ve written before about the awe I have for lecturers who are able to lecture with the minimum of props.  My admiration continues apace.

I’ve now invested in an A4 ‘toughpouch’ to store all that I need for a lecture/seminar session.  This can float around my desk, and be simply stuffed into my rucksack (or if I’m feeling brave just taking my laptop).

It contains –

  • Dry Wipe Marker board pens (one of each colour)
  • Pencil
  • Packet of Halls Soothers (my throat hurts after about fifteen minutes of talking at the start of the teaching season)
  • Paracetomal tablets (just in case)
  • Apple Remote (so when using laptop I can change slides from the other side of the room)
  • DVI to VGA adaptor (so I can plug my laptop into the AV equipment in most, but not all of the teaching rooms
  • A business card (so that if I leave it in a room, there’s a fighting chance that it’ll be returned to me)

Then depending on what I’m teaching the remaining space can be filled with CD-ROMs, handouts, seminar sheets etc… and the bottle of water… and any books which I could recommend.

Travelling light – no, but when I’m teaching in another building, and five floors away from my office, I stand a reasonable chance that I won’t have to return if I forget anything.

That said, during the teaching session yesterday I did forget some A3 sheets, and have to return to my office – Doh!

Two back-to-back teaching sessions today, but at least they’re in the same building.

Is it Sunday yet?

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