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Busy Bee

A busy week this week, the first week of teaching, then something comes at you from the side!

We’ve just discovered that it’s Open Day at the university on Friday/Saturday.  I can’t do Friday as I’m teaching, but have stepped in to cover all day Saturday .  If we’re in the marquee it’s a cold experience (note to self, make sure I’ve got my flask of coffee ready).

It makes for a six-day week, which isn’t really what’s needed at the start of the teaching season, but it’s the start of the Open Day season for all UK Universities, so it has to be around then.

Meanwhile, I’ve exchanged the usual opening ‘hello’s’ with my fellow creative writing student on the new course.  Teaching officially starts Saturday, I’m as prepared as I can be, and as my OU tutoring comes to an end for a year, I’ve got the best chance I’ll have of participating and completing the course successfully… though it is my twenty-seventh Open University course and with only one withdrawal in fourteen years, I do have a fair track record!