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Sky+ remote record

I dislike much of what Sky do – I dislike the near-monopoly they have on cricket (one of only three sports that I watch with interest, the others being tennis and formula one racing).

I also dislike that I have ‘old’ technology Sky+ box, which won’t allow me to use their Sky Anytime function.  This automatically downloads a selection of programmes to your PVR (or Sky+ box as we know it better), sor later viewing.  However, because I was an ‘early adopter’ my hard disc isn’t large enough to use this functionality.

But, one thing I do like is their Remote Record option.  As has been mentioned I’ve not been home much recently.  But I know when I do get time for a quiet night in front of the tv (ha!) I’ll have a range of programmes recorded which I’ll like.  For Remote Record, you simply log onto the Sky website and view the tv guide (easier said than done, there’s more advertising there than in an episode of the Simpsons).  Once you’ve found a tv prog you want to record, you can simply select ‘Remote Record’.  The Sky web site knows your viewing card number, and sends a ‘record’ signal through to the Sky+ box.

So whilst I’m away from home, I can record James May’s Big Idea.

Seems like Remote Record’s a pretty big idea to me.