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“And how do you feel about that?” – “Conflicted?”

(A reference to an episode of The Simpsons, for those who don’t recognise the quote it’s a discussion between Reverend Lovejoy and Lindsay Neagle.)

BTW – there are a lot of links here, feel free to ignore as many as you want.

The Royal Institute Christmas Lectures are a national institution.  I don’t know anyone who actually watches all of them (I have Sky+ recorded them the last couple of years, but never quite get round to watching them for some reason, though I do dip in).

Through this blog entry I was redirected here, where it’s been announced that the Microsoft Research ‘team’ are providing the five 2008 lectures.

(un)Fortunately the series is sold out – which is great news on one hand, though I would have loved to have gone sporting an Apple t-shirt and tried to sit on the front row…. maybe I would have been told to cover up as this poor guy was when trying to board a plane with a Transformers t-shirt on.

So, I’ve pledged to watch each lecture on Five, and blog about each one.  I’m interested to see how ‘fair’ the talks are, the titles do sound intruiging –

  1. Breaking the speed limit
  2. Chips with everything
  3. The ghost in the machine
  4. Untangling the web
  5. Digital intelligence

You’ll be pleased to know that I resisted the urge to add a witty and pithy comment to the end of each title – maybe I’ll save that for later.