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My mojo is back!

It seems that all I needed was a week (or a bit less) away from my blog to leave me refereshed, and ready to post again.  The great thing (for me anyhow) is that I appear to have gained critical mass, and even without posting anything new, this will be the best month ever for hits, with 3,600 as per today.

I have to admit that much of this is fired by the various posts regarding the Elonex OneT, where a large number of people have added comments, both good and bad about the small, cheap computer.  However, I know personally that there are still people awaiting their delivery.

I’m glad that I spent the money on my Wii, Lego Star Wars and Mario Kart have taken up far too much of my time recently, and my Sky+ box is full to burting with unwatched tv (mostly Family Guy I have to admit).

Work-wise, it’s the usual mad moodle dash before the start of teaching.  Moodle is very intuitive and robust, but some operations can be ‘fiddly’, though given that it’s completely web based, it’s still much more usable than many web-based systems which I have worked with (and I include Facebook in this rant, a less intuitive HCI I’ve not seen in many a year).

One thing which I’ve had to do recently is create project titles for the MSc students who will be returning on Friday, and will need to start their dissertation.  It’s easy for me to come up with the title of their dissertation, but they then have to spend 600 hours working on this, not envious.

During my interregnum, I’ve been thinking of posts which I should make soon – I’m providing the list below partly to job my own memory, but also as a ‘teaser’ posting.

  • Why shop staff at Maplin are better than staff at PC World
  • Mind Maps v Spray Diagrams
  • Moodle quirks in Firefox (*never* store passwords on moodle)
  • Tracking packages online

Look at that, not a single posting about Apple!  See, I’m not a complete fanboy!