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Where did the weekend go?

I made a set to and managed to finish marking all the outstanding OU assignments yesterday, and they’ve been duly sent back to the students.  Most were very well presented, which always helps.  Whilst it’s not essential, it’s nice to see a steady increase in the marks that a student received throughout a course.

I did also manage to clear five huge bin bags of rubbish from out of my built in bedroom wardrobe.  There’s still a lot in there, including two tents, chairs and associated camping paraphernalia which I’ve not really got anywhere else to put, but at least I can see the floor in there.

I’ve mentioned my O2, and iPhone frustrations in the past, but I thought I would try a diffierent tactic.  I called them today and asked to switch to their ‘simplicity’ tariff.  This is a sim-only scheme, with no long tie-in, I can cancel with just 30 days notice.  They’ve also got a great deal at the moment, so have ‘signed up’ for 600 minutes, 1000 texts and unlimited web browsing all for just £20 a month.  This really strikes me as a bargain, and makes it harder for me to think about the iPhone for £35 a month, 18 month contract, plus a £99 charge for the phone!

Today is moodle focused, getting everything together.  I’ve revamped a talk about giving presentations, and embedded some clips from my own PG Cert training.  It’s a shame that to post a video here on WordPress I need to upload it to YouTube or another video service – I know it’s done for the right reasons of security etc. but it’s still a pain not to be able to embed mpeg or wmv here.

The rest of the week is looking steady – exam boards, student tutorials and sorting out some timetable clashes, but all of it is manageable.  I know this is the calm before the storm, but I feel better prepared for this year than I have for a long time.  (Note to self, remember this when I wake up at 3am in a cold sweat).