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Last round of OU marking

I’m about to start my last stint of OU assignment marking for at least a year, and who knows after that.  I’ve gone through the same process pretty well unchanged for the last eight years for on average five assignments a year for around 25 students – wow that’s a round 1000 assignments marked!

The first stage is to always print of the TMA question, and the model answers/marking scheme.  Sometimes they correlate closely, sometimes they don’t.  I then create my own pro-forma feedback and marking sheet.  In the past I used to append this as a separate document, but the OU has carried out a lot of  some research and found that students prefer to have all the information in one place.  This is the stage I’m at at the moment – tomorrow morning I download the assignments and start marking them in strict order of submission date/time – this seems the fairest to me, and means that if I do want to send a half completed set back, then those that sent theirs in first get it marked first.

I aim to turn around the assignments the weekend after they are submitted.  Sometimes this simply isn’t possible, and if I’ve given an assignment extension then I am unlikely to turn it around as quick.  The automated eTMA system makes this much easier than the old return envelopes, and whilst sometimes I miss  the portability of pen and paper, on-screen marking is quicker.. and I can’t think of a better screen to be staring at than my 20″ iMac.