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PC World Sutton Coldfield

I’m not going to turn this blog into Watchdog, despite frustrations expressed by comments made on the Elonex One thread.  but just a little note here about my very recent experience at this store.  I know that hundreds of these little issues happen day on day, and indeed I’ve had my own run in with PC World earlier this year.  But time is a great healer, and it was so convenient when I was picking up my tv to also pick up the booster aerial.

Come the time to return it this morning.  I was served by ‘Mia’ – well I say served, she spent most of her time on her mobile phone.  I thought that this was another customer, until I heard some of the conversation.  She took my package and receipt for a walk around the Tech Guys area, whilst still on the phone (I’m sure the aerial appreciated the view) and then came back after a couple of minutes.

‘So what’s wrong with it?’

‘It doesn’t work in my home- it can’t pick up a signal’

‘So, do you want a replacement?’

‘No, I want my money back’


Much tapping at the screen, asking me to insert card into a reader which wasn’t connected to the machine etc., and I eventually got the £40 refund.

What gets me about this is that at the same time there were two other people in the ‘Tech Guys’ area who could have helped, but were too interested in discussing the football last night, and the same situation on the shop floor.

I have a friend who considered applying to PC World for a job, and at the time I supported the idea… maybe I should have pushed further as he could have done a much, much better job than ‘Mia’ and the rest of the people there.

Compare this to the excellent help from Maplin, which I’ll talk about tomorrow.

Grrr, right, deep breaths Andy.