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Productive Day

I’ve had a really productive day – maybe not everyone’s typical Sunday, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Firstly I’ve finished most of the coursework assessments for next semester. They’re looking good, I’ve made a conscious effort to try and make assessments which are going to be fun for me to mark as well as interesting for the students.

I’ve also spent a lot of time moodling, in the university’s virtual learning environment, setting up a course which I’m taking over next year. It’s so much easier to get a consistent style if you do this in one session, even things like ‘and’ and ‘&’, and consistent use of capitals makes the pages look professional, but are easy to forget from one login to another.

Finally I’ve written two very different presentations in Keynote. One for induction week, and one for my first week of teaching on the new Forensic Computing undergraduate degree. When back on a mac (I’m currently working on a Windows machine, shudder), I’ll try and post one of them below.

All of this work has been stored, and synchronised using DropBox, mentioned yesterday and so far has worked really well. The real test will be tomorrow, when I try and get the software to work through the university firewall on my desktop machine.

So all in, it’s been productive, and I’m feeling much better prepared for teaching in a couple of weeks time. I can now focus on the upcoming exam boards, and finish off the resit marking.

Finally, those that read my blog *not* through an RSS or aggregate reader, you’ll see that there’s a new page tab. This contains recommended reading for my students, with links through to Tell your friends!