Dropbox Invite

I’m still leading a more nomadic life than usual, so it was fortunate that this morning my long-awaited invite to Dropbox beta arrived.

This differs from other file send/receive files which I’ve used in the past, such as Dropsend and even Windows Live SkyDrive in that it provides a seamless integration with your native filing system.  This makes ‘cloud storage’ much more practical.  I’ve loaded it onto my two Mac’s with no problems, and on Monday will also try and connect it to my Windoze machine at work.  There’s also a linux version.

At the moment, dropbox is a closed beta, but I do have ten invitations which I can send.  I’ll keep comments open on this thread – just post a comment (no need for your email address in the comments, as I’ll pick this up in th email), and I’ll get the invite sent to you.  The free storage is ‘only’ 2Gb, but this is the first service where I would be tempted to buy extra storage… when they make payments available (I guess when it leaves Beta).

11 comments so far

  1. Cody on

    I would love to give it a whirl if you still have invites to share. Cheers!

  2. […] of this work has been stored, and synchronised using DropBox, mentioned yesterday and so far has worked really well.  The real test will be tomorrow, when I try and get the software […]

  3. tk on

    Hi, I’d love to try this out if you still have an invite. Thank you!

  4. NyM on

    If you still have invites I would like to receive one. Thank you in advance!

  5. Gabriele on

    I’d love to have an invite to DropBox if you still have some. Thanks!

  6. Anderson on

    I would love to get an invite if you have any left. Thanks a ton.

  7. Jules on

    Love an invite if you still have any…


  8. Tony on

    It would be nice if you could send me an invite. Thanks!

  9. Gregory on

    Andrew, man…I need invite…got the sync bug real bad.
    can you help a brother out!?

  10. Kevin on

    Andrew, I would LOVE an invite, please!

  11. Andy Hollyhead on

    Only one invite left… everyone above should have received an invite.

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