Wii game not playing – don’t panic!

A good friend bought me Lego Star Wars for my birthday.  It’s no longer available new for the Wii, so I was really pleased.

However, when I did try and load it, I got an error message.  I can’t remember the wording, but it was reminiscent of the ‘blue screen of death’ – with hindsight I should have taken a photo.

I did try cleaning the disc myself, with no luck, but there did seem to be some ‘deep’ scratches.  Before giving up, I remembered seeing a ‘disc cleaning’ machine at the GameStation closest to work.

The process costs just £1.99, they put the disc face up in a machine not unlike an old-style (i.e. what I’ve still got at work) tower PC, put some cleaning fluid on the disc, and pressed the button.  The machine whirred and did the rest, when the disc came out the surface looked spotless to me.

And loading it into my Wii when back home, it worked fine first time – I was really pleased and whilst still getting to grips with the game (I need help!), I’m as chuffed with the fact that I’ve resurrected a ‘dead’ disc.

So, don’t panic if a Wii disc stops working, all is not lost.

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