Unnecessary distraction?

I’ve got a number of RSS feeds which I use the Firefox Live Feeds service, which thanks to Foxmarks synchronise nicely across my home, work and laptop.

There’s fourteen of them (I’ve just counted), from local BBC news to xkcd.  This is fine, but I’ve recently found that I’m spending a lot of time checking these, somewhat defeating the object of the idea of RSS, that being a timesaver.

So I’m trying an experiment, and turning off my ‘Bookmarks Bar’ for a week.  It makes the Firefox window much more minimalistic and ‘tidy’.

OK, I may miss some offers on HotDealsUK, but that could help my budget over the next month or so – you can have too much of a good thing I think, and I do have enough books, music and games to keep me going for quite a while.

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