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‘Because it’s my birthday, my love, and and I wants it’

…said Sméagol

It’s the big three-eight today for me.  Not exactly a ‘special’ birthday, but still a day where I get cards, presents and people have to be that bit nicer to me just for today.

I’m guessing that this birthday and the next one are just build-ups to the great four-oh, which I hold in equal portions of fear and trepidation.  Stephen Fry in his first book ‘The Liar’ postulates that there is an age which people are at their best – not good looking, or even successful, just at the age which suits them best.  No one can imaging Boris Johnson as a twenty-something, and Stephen himself wears his middle aged overcoat so comfortably that it’s a shock to see him as a late-twenty / early-thirty something in A Bit of Fry and Laurie.

I hope my ‘best age’ is still to come.  I disliked my school years and most of my twenties, but since my mid-thirties I seem much more comfortable.  It seems more acceptable for someone of my age to like both classical music and some modern music (I’ve just booked to see Duffy in December – my first concert in a long time), I can get away with being a bit geeky, and have a modicum of common sense, though still get excited when unwrapping a new gadget.

I’ve received some very nice and thoughtful presents, Wii games, books, and music, and I’m being whisked away this weekend to a secret destination for a surprise overnight stay.  I also have an Amazon gift voucher burning a hole in my pocket – but not for long methinks.

I’m in work today, but it’s relatively quiet.. much of my hair-pulling this time last year was around ITMB course director issues, and as I’m no longer the CD, many of these issues are resolved.  I would like to be much further forward on preparation for next semester, but there’s still time (I keep telling myself!).

I’ll take the quiet time to get to the head of the photocopying queue I think.