Carshare Birmingham

My employee has been promoting car sharing – a noble task, and have signed up as partners with the scheme run by Birmingham Council.  It’s worth noting other car-share schemes are available.

I registered, entered my details and the matching criteria, which were fairly broad – here’s the results (you will need to click to embiggen).

Can you see the problem?  As the site shows, “No potential matches found within a radius of 5 miles and +/- 30 minutes”.

I’ve changed the criteria to any matches, and I only get two hits, one would be too far out of my way, and the other person lives so close to uni that it must only be a couple of bus stops away.

I’m still registered, and as the scheme grows I may find my car share match made in heaven, but this attempt to be a little greener may be a non-starter.

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