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An interesting experience

I’m preparing assignments for next year’s teaching at the moment.  It’s good to get them written early, so that someone else can proof-read them.

I’m trying something different for one of the modules which I’m teaching.  The assignment itself is a ‘classic’ academic essay style assignment.  The students have to pick an ethical issue of their choice, write about it within a framework which I’ve suggested, and add a short personal reflection at the end.

Easy eh?

So, as a test, and so that I can provide a sample to students, I’ve attempted to answer the question myself.


I’m not spending as much time as I would hope the students would (an hour or so yesterday during clearing, another hour tucked up with my hot milk before bed, and a couple of hours this morning), but it is difficult to keep to the assignment brief – and I’m the one who wrote the brief!

But, I’ve nearly completed it – just have to add the reference list and more to the reflection at the end, and I’ll be happy to send it off to be proof-read.  However, how I’ll use this assignment has now changed.  Instead of simply giving it to the students as an exemplar, I’ll anonomyse it (simple enough, removing my name from the bottom of the page, or maybe I should make it an anagram?), and ask the students to mark the assignment as a seminar exercise, seeing how they would mark it against the marking criteria which I have given them.

Could produce some interesting results – I promise to post here when this activity has been completed – not for a while I guess as I won’t be issuing it to students until after Christmas.

A short diversion today, then I’m back into clearing for the final stint – let’s hope I’m busier than last night.