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Great film!

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Still here…

It’s a coindicence that since purchasing my Wii I’ve not really updated this blog.  It’s a really busy week for me, juggling social events, finishing Open Uni marking, and now of course – clearing!

I’ve got two late shifts, which isn’t so bad, and have already been over to get the lie of the land.  Last year I  did a couple of very long days, but I had my new MacBook to keep me company – it came as a real surprise that it’s a year old today.

So it’s Subway for lunch, then into the clearing rooms.  They’ve put up large screens between the various departments, which should offer some sound screening, but also means that I can’t see daylight -think battery hens.

Meanwhile, I’m still preparing for teaching next year, though I don’t have half as much as I would have liked ready yet.  I’m sure it will come together, but I’m feeling nervous about it at the moment.

Meanwhile, iPhone woes continue, another visit to the store, and then to O2 customer services resulted in another ‘Computer Says No’ response.  I’m looking at a formal complaint now – the real frustration is that O2 don’t know what O2 have said to me – a complete lack of joined up thinking, grrr.