Bargain priced Wii

As chronicled, I had a refund of £139 burning a hole in my pocket following the Elonex One/OneT issues blogged here ad nauseum.

I’ve been looking at a Wii for a while, as I definitely fall into the category of ‘casual’ games player.  My friends have also had one since they were launched, and has been pleased with it.

The final straw came when the BBC announced that their iPlayer would work on the Wii.  As chronicled before, I cannot stream tv programmes, but having the radio ‘listen again’ service appeals.

I also know there are hacks and open source progs to use the Wii as a media player.. that’s to come.

Anyhow, I searched online and whilst there were good offers, for once I was looking for Instant Gratification, so I went to one of these new-fangled ‘shops’, and purchased one over the counter.  No P & P, and apart from not knowing that most stores don’t open until 11am (shows how long it’s been since I’ve been shopping on a Sunday morning), all went well.

The Internet was useful though, the excellent site HotUKDeals did help me find a Wii for £150, £30 less than everywhere else.  With the money ‘saved’ I was able to buy Wii Play and an extra controller.  I have HotUKDeals as an RSS feed, and I’ve had some good bargains from offers on the site, it comes recommended.

Setting up was a (mostly) breeze, though I did have problems entering my WEP key for my wireless network.

It could be argued the last thing needed in my household is another distraction, but at least I’ve got more options, and I’ve joined the ranks of ‘casual gamers’.

But after three or four hours of (fairly) solid use, I need to rest my wrist now.

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