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Carbon Offset

My holidays are now over.  I’ve had a great time away, but it’s back in the saddle Monday, in fact tomorrow.

As I headed home for the final stretch, I started thinking about the fuel I’d used over the 1,400 miles travelled.  I’ve averaged over 51 mpg, but I wanted to make a little green step.

So I’ve offset the carbon used on my summer holidays, 0.38 tonnes as calculated by ClimateCare.  The minimum transaction was a fiver, they have to cover their costs, so I’ve maybe planted a few more trees than was strictly necessary, but hey ho.

For those (like I) who are a little fuzzy about how carbon offsetting works, the excellent BBC provides a good definition.

The idea goes basically like this: you work out your impact on the environment (Carbon Footprint) and then the site calculates how many trees should be grown to suck up your carbon (plants breathe the stuff) and you pay money for the planting of the trees and other such plans.

Other ‘small steps’ taken in this holiday… following an encounter with ‘Cilla’, a hen who had escaped from a battery farm and had sought refuge with two other hens in Orton, I’ve gone free-range on all my egg purchased – picture of Cilla from my camera-phone below.

Finally, I’ve fully embraced (mostly) the ‘bag for life’ concept…. it’s awkward remembering, and I appear to have more bags for life than I had plastic bags floating around beforehand.

I don’t think I’m quite ready for the hair-shirt yet, but at least I’m making ‘small moves’.