Outsourcing my life

I’ve lectured on outsourcing in the past, and one of the problems which I have is trying to explain the difference between outsourcing and sub-contracting, or simply obtaining services.

The defintion which I finally decided on is that outsourcing is concerned with employing other people to do work which you (or your organisation) could do yourself, but choose not too.

Of course, the reason why you choose you outsource as a business is varied.  Some of the reasons given are ‘to focus on your core business’.  This is was BT did at the end of the nineties, when they outsourced much of their building support and maintenance (including phone box cleaning).  Of course whole industries have been built around outsourcing.

This all came back to me recently, because I’ve been gradually outsourcing chunks of my life.  I gave up cleaning my car years ago, when I realised that I could pay a machine, and latterly someone to clean it for me and they would do a much better job than I could.  DIY is now something that I look on with great interest and make the tea for – if anyone asks I tell them that I’m the ‘ideas’ person.

I’ve now taken the next step at home, and every fortnight two ladies (they are invariably female), come and make a better job of cleaning my house than I ever could.  At their recommendation I ensure that I’m out whenever they arrive, all I have to do is leave them the cheque.

I’ve gone with a national franchise, so here’s an unsolicited endorsement for Molly Maid.  If they don’t do your area, then there is an alternative national franchise, Merry Maids which you may want to check.

Meanwhile, in other news, I’ve decided to close down my old ‘personal’ website, and http://www.andyhollyhead.co.uk now redirects here.  I’ll be adding some pages to this site with some of the information which was on my old site, which had done me well for three years, but times move on.


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