iPhone upgrade – o2 Computer Says No!

“You seem to be very excited by the iPhone!” the o2 salesperson said as we sat down in store.

“Err.. yes”.  OK, I don’t need an iPhone, but it’s cool, and the initial hubbub seems to have died down.  Also this application looks so cool.  I was still surprised though when they had the iPhone instore at Perry Barr.

The usual security checks went through, then the screen flashed (metaphorically) red.

“Computer says you’re not eligible for an upgrade”.

“Ah, But I am” – producing with a flourish the email from o2 saying that I was entitled to upgrade to iPhone (see, I’d done my work).

“Computer Says No”.

Hmmm..  Assistant Manager looks at email – “How do we know this came from o2?”.  The email address at the start of the email could be a clue.

“We’ll ring them”.  They do, and they confirm that whilst they sent the email, and a text message to me saying I was entitled to the upgrade, in fact this was only through online or over the phone.  But of course, there’s no iPhones available online or over the phone.

But, I could buy a new iPhone on a new contract with a new number.  I could also cancel my old contract, but not transfer my o2 number from one o2 phone to another (they could confirm I could transfer my o2 number to Orange, then back from Orange to o2 iPhone!).  I could have any number of free upgrades over the phone, but not to the iPhone, as they didn’t have any available.. only in stores.

I know when I’m defeated.

“OK, when can I upgrade in store”.

“12th August”.

So in two weeks and two days time I can go back to an o2 store.  What’s the betting they won’t have any in stock.


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