Elonex ONEt

Friends at work had started receiving emails about their Elonex One delivery,  I was getting just a little jumpy here, as I’d ordered the One on the day of announcement directly from the Education Show.

So I contacted Elonex, and had a response back literally within minutes.  After putting my order details in, I was made an offer which I couldn’t refuse – an Elonex ONEt for the same price at my original Elonex ONE.

Details of the ONEt are not available from the main ElonexOne page, but are here! Click on the icons for more details.

There’s two models, ONEt and ONEt+, the only difference is the internal memory (there doesn’t appear to be a BlueTooth option on the ONEt+, which there was on the original plus).

This is clearly a completely new machine, not the ‘photo frame plus keyboard’ which the Original One appeared to be, though losing some of the associated innovations.  The processor spec is improved, and importantly for me appears to be beefed up enough to be able to play videos.  According to the blurb associated with the order email, the ONEt/+ should retail at £179/£199, so I felt flush enough to buy the ONEt+, Neoprene Case (£10), plus the £10 shipping already paid, total £139.  They need to check their wording however on the credit/debit card details page – as its written you appear to be setting up a monthly payment (which clearly you’re not!).

It looks like Elonex are using a third party retailer, which is fine but you can’t easily access the order page afterwards – unless you use this link

I’ve risked opening comments on this posting, as through the stats I know that there are a few people following this.  Let’s see who’s first to receive their machine!


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  1. Lee Hancock on
  2. Andy Hollyhead on

    Thanks for this – you’re right, it appears to be a clone of the Alpha-400, maybe with boosted memory.

    Interesting list of notes at the end –
    Unit uses Linux 2.4 platform, as this is not an intel CPU, you can’t download and install other applications/games from the internet that are not specifically writtern for this machine.
    Always reset unit first if you experience any difficulty.
    To reset unit, press the reset button underneath the unit. Then power on again.
    Closing the lid, doesn’t turn unit off or hibernate unit, and will therefore consume battery power unless you turn unit off.
    Always save your data regularly.
    Supports file sizes up to 8MB.
    Battery life will be affected by WiFi and running applications.
    Battery charging time is about 4.5-5h.
    Working time with WiFi is 2.5-3h. Working time without WiFi is 3-4h.

  3. James on

    Odd how the specs on the elonex site don’t mention memory for the Onet/plus – I presume they have the 128 or 256 depending on model like the original models.

    I hadn’t thought of not being able to install programs on it, that was one of my main motivations for getting the laptop, throwing fluxbuntu, puredata, Csound and Processing on it would be a perfect portable solution IMO.

  4. Andy Hollyhead on

    James, I think Elonex planned to mitigate this by offering new content/downloads etc through their ONEunion page (http://www.elonexone.co.uk/oneunion.html) which is still waiting to go live. However, there’s been no update there for a while, and it’s unclear whether this page is unique for the ONE, or will also provide facilities for the ONEt.

  5. Lee Hancock on

    If the processor uses the MIPS instruction set there is nothing stopping you from cross-compiling your applications or if you have time building your own distro (http://cross-lfs.org/view/svn/mips/).

  6. James on

    That has made me feel a bit better. ^_^

    There seem to be a whole raft laptops appearing about now with very similar specs:

  7. netbsd on

    IMHO, you are getting ripped off. Make sure it’s possible to install or upgrade programs. Why? Lookup the razorbook appliance, for instance.

    Many buyers of these Alpha 400 class machines mistakenly assume they get a somewhat slower, but still fully functional Linux, notebook. After all, the price would seem to indicate a slightly cheaper version of an Asus 2G Surf, One A110, etc.

    What they get is basically the equivalent of a sub 100 dollar Onda media player(same processor, 4GB flash, touchscreen, USB, SDHC, but no keyboard) in a notebook case.

    Also they don’t get an Intel processor at just 400 MHz, but a simpler and MUCH slower embedded SoC.

    In addition they get an embedded, stripped, crippled Linux.

  8. Andy Hollyhead on

    Thanks for your comments netbsd, but surely it depends what you want the machine for? I’ve a macbook for any ‘power’ laptop usage, but the ONE/ONEt took my eye for it’s small size, and less than half the weight. I can see me using it on the train for quick notes/timewasting, or keeping a few episodes of Dr Who on a pen drive and firing it up when there are leaves on the line.

    Elonex make it clear that it’s aimed at kids and the education market, I’m outside the standard demographics (though I was planning on seeing if we could buy some for my undergraduate students).

    Granted, the processor appears slow, and it may be too ‘crippled’, but if it is too poor I’ll just cascade it down in my family, and with lessons learned, buy a ‘proper’ small, cheap computer.

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  10. Andy Hollyhead on

    Thanks for this, the video reviews at the end are worth a look, though I’m hoping for a different look/feel for the ONEt software because of the educational aspect.

  11. netbsd on

    Andy, you’re stuck if you need to upgrade your media player to watch those episodes.

    There’s a newer version of Firefox! Oops, forget about it. You can’t install anything (you cross-compiled on x86 for mipsel).


    It’s almost a scam. What you get is an iPod Touch clone masquerading as a notebook. In fact, the Onda VX747, see
    http://www.mp4global.com/onda-vx747-4gb——new-m.html, is in some ways better: it has a touchscreen, 4 GB flash for your Dr Who episodes and is much cheaper ($91). You should not be paying near netbook prices for this thing; 139 pound is roughly 185 euro; for 199 euro you can get either a VIA C7 with 512 MB RAM and 2 GB flash, see http://www.one.de/shop/product_info.php?cPath=131&products_id=2667, or at least (although still vapourware) a razorbook clone, see http://www.datacask.com/pageID_5983429.html, also with 512 MB, but with 4 GB flash.

    Another unpleasant surprise for Elonex OneT buyers, used to desktop Intel/AMD processors, will be the speed of the Ingenic Jz4732 System On a Chip. It is probably even weaker than an Intel Atom or VIA C7 at 400 MHz.

    Maybe the original Elonex One is better because http://www.elonexone.co.uk/faq.html at least makes the following promise:

    “Linux is also open source, meaning that it can be developed and modified by anyone and redistributed for free. In fact you’ll be able to modify the operating system on the ONE!”

    However, that also remains to be seen.

  12. ryan on

    ive ordereda onet+ aswell and i hope that it is as good as its looks. the only thing is the battery life which is only 3 hours

  13. netbsd on

    A guy found out how to “jailbreak” the “unique” Elonex ONEt, sold by Intertoys in Holland one Saturday for an even more outrageous 200 euro:


    My compliments to Ard van Breemen.

  14. netbsd on

    It seems the 400 MHz is a false claim, too, as I expected. In accordance with the Ingenic datasheet (despite its preliminary and “subject to change without warning” status), the Jz4730 appears to run at its standard frequency of 336 MHz.


  15. kirk on

    omg netbsd have you got nothing better to do than rip into the onet? as long as it sort of does what it says on the tin i’m sure it’ll be great for novices and kids, I mean it’s only a hundred quid fgs.

  16. netbsd on

    Selling a 336 MHz cpu as 400 MHz is definitely a scam, so don’t shoot the messenger.

    Note also how any mention of USB 2.0 is avoided for the ONEt, while it’s specificied for the ONE. This is perhaps because the Jz4730 only supports USB 1.1.

    I apologize for insulting everyone’s blind faith in Elonex.

  17. AJ Booker on

    I am advising a consortium on schools on what to buy, I had told them to wait for ElonexOne’s but I have just advised them and had it accepted, to buy Advent 4211 which are FULL XP computers, and actually a rebadged MSI Wind. 1GB RAM, 80GB HD (Not SSD) 10″ screen and runs everything most schools already run. I have had one now for 3 weeks, they are available now, and its inbuilt graphics runs school 3D graphics, simple video editing and quake 3 fine! And it costs £280 inc VAT retail which will probably translate to a bulk order price of £225 each. I thought the ElonexONe concept fantastic when I handled it at the show earlier this year, and would have bought one on the spot if available, but i think they have severely missed the timing on this one. I was speaking to Elonex in China at one point, but still couldn’t get a machine for evaluation. For KS1, probably KS2 they are OK, but there are too many downsides now, too many delays, and too many £££’s to make them a realistic competitor in the market now. It is a pity but the market moves so fast, EeePC’s haven’t been around a year yet!

  18. Rick on

    I’ve done a bit of digging around for the chipset and they manufacturers seem to provide two kernels for you to download and use on the device as well as compilers to change i386 modules over to RISC architecture – http://www.ingenic.cn/eng/productServ/kfyd/Linux/pfCustomPage.aspx If the gear is running RISC it should be fairly swift, I’ve got two ONEt’s on order after having upgraded from the ONE in the latest batch of offers. They’re not by any stretch of the imagination desktop replacements, but they’re excellent knock-around machines for working on your online systems while on the move. I write a lot of web applications and they’re ideal for accessing them. Nice and light to thrown in your backpack when heading to Costa! For 100 I can’t complain at all for the spec of the machine. Once you get it you can crack the lid off and upgrade or resolder the boards to your heart’s content – Happy Hacking!

  19. james on

    ^Excellent, I have found CSound and Puredata on the debian site with MIPS builds also so it looks like my idea of having an underpowered portable music studio could be realised very easily.

    I was thinking about netbsd’s comments re: the computer being little more than an £50 mp3 player, I( think the average consumer would be hard pressed upgrade said media player to include a keyboard, 7″ screen etc etc in for the extra £70 that the ONE/t costs. Unbranded versions of this computer are appearing on eBay for £150 & postage so I don’t think we are doing too badly at all.

    The only down side I can see is from andy’s response to the first reply:

    Supports file sizes up to 8MB.

    which I can see being a crippling restraint – applicable to VM also? Can’t read mp3s over 10 minutes long? Can’t save that (admittedly long) document?

    Either way it will be here in less than 2 weeks time fingers crossed 🙂

  20. netbsd on

    The $130 Impulse NPX-9000 proves my point that _distributors_ can (should!) price them much closer to for instance a $90 Onda because they are basically the same non-Intel computer (adding a 7″ screen and keyboard doesn’t justify more than doubling of the price for an Elonex ONEt, Trendtac, etc).

    The comparison was also appropriate because Andy specifically mentioned the wish to play videos. A cheaper PMP based on the Jz4740 is much better for that purpose; the Jz4740 has a multimedia accelerator (MPEG-4 support up to VGA resolution at 25 frames per second) and smart prefetch, is slightly faster (360 MHz) and supports 256K and 16M color.

  21. kirk on

    this review here:-


    seems to justify the machine for the price we’re getting it at (£110 for the onet) I myself am looking forward to getting it, in, according to the e mail, the next 12 days. I will then hopefully get my home computer back and can leave my girlfriend to browse bloody facebook on it!

  22. netbsd on

    Buying her a ring instead seems to be the wiser choice.

  23. kirk on

    are you kidding? she’ll stop cooking then.

  24. johnl on

    Has anyone actually received anything from elonex?
    We all seem to have the same/similar shipping date message – I’m on day 20 of ‘within 28 days’, which is a real bind seeing as I leave the country in 3.

    Surely elonex should have shipped some of the 200,000+ units ordered by now but I can’t find any evidence of it. Their so called customer care service is worthless, I just hope the box is better

  25. Andy Hollyhead on

    No sign here – if anyone has received a ONEt (or even a One!), please post here and let the world know that they really do exist!

    I’m on around day 19/20, and was really hoping that it would be here for my next short break, but time’s running out.

  26. ryan on

    i am on day 19 and i have email elonex and they said that i will get an email when its is on its way and then i can track the order

  27. kirk on

    Andy, it seems some people began recieving the one and the one+ in the last couple of days. comments on this link


    Doesn’t sound promising for the one, perhaps thats why they brought out the onet, there seems to be teething problems…

  28. Andy Hollyhead on

    Thanks for that Kirk… you’re right, does seem to be problems, and for a PC aimed at the educational market, not being able to access sites like Facebook/MySpace does appear to be a huge limitation.
    Though I’ve not got my ONEt yet, my expectations are diminishing, and there is a large part of me wishing that I’d gone for an Asus 901 instead (but don’t tell anyone yet). Has what’s turned into a six month wait been worth the opportunity cost of £100 price difference?
    Maybe all will come right when the ONEt’s delivered, but confidence is not high.

  29. johnl on

    I’m still waiting and I bet you are too….

    And no news on the elonex website,
    the ‘oneunion’ support page on elonex’s website is still empty,
    as is the ‘accessories’ page in the shop..

    the sound of silence from elonex is deafening.

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  31. Kyle on

    hey, found this unboxing, there’s also a link to a review… Doesn’t sound promising, clad I got a refund! Although part of me just wants one for the hell of it… 🙂

  32. kirk on

    well the one is certainly a top heavy ugly beast, I don’t believe the onet is that bulky though.
    according to the e mail I recieved I should have dispatch confirmation in the next 48 hours or so, I am however not holding my breath.

  33. Gert on

    For anyone interested in the progress we have made so far in Holland visit http://trendtac.hyves.nl
    The ElonexOneT is sold as Trendtac here in Holland.
    We already managed to access the underlying system (three ways in fact: through a hidden serial port, a ‘console/inittab patch’ and a nice xterm ‘patch’). The patches can be applied through the official Software Installer. We haven’t figured out yet how to install applications ‘the proper’ way but things like xpat2, xmahjongg, gpe-contacts, xterm, openssh-client can be installed like a ‘patch’


  34. NickLea on

    Anyone else noticed that Novatech have started selling this Minibook that is EXACTLY that same as the OneT?


    Btw im on day 27 of 28 and have heard nothing!

  35. kirk on

    I’m on day 27 also, I e-mailed the shop last night, lets see what transpires.
    They are usually pretty good at getting back to you.

  36. Rick on

    Just heard from Elonex today…

    “Demand for the ONEt free upgrade and accessories has exceeded our estimations, with the majority of customers ordering a range of accessories, including the indispensible wristVAULTs. As a result we are experiencing a delay on deliveries. The official launch of the ONEt is 1st September however Pre-orders, of which you are one, will receive their order in the last week of August, ahead of this product launch. ”

    Yet more delays… joy!
    So much for the 28 days.

  37. Ian on

    I got the same mesage as Rick today, so had a look in the internet to see what’s happening with everyone else waiting for their Elonex – and found this blog. I feel quite depressed now I’ve read it. Luckily I remembered I’m not buying this as a full-on laptop replacement, I don’t understand a word netbsd said, and haven’t cross-compiled anything myself since 1984. Just so long as this little machine enables my wife to browse from the Sofa, enabes me to surf at the coffee-shop (without having to lug around my full-size lappie) and my young children to use it as a door wedge without doing too much damage – I”ll be happy! If it did all the things some people here seem to want you’d soon be in the £250 price range and at that point you’d be better-off with a used/budget laptop IMHO.

  38. NickLea on

    I also received that email today. I have decided to cancel my order. I was looking forward to receiving it as it was going to mainly used my my partner while i was on the main computer (she like just browsing the net) but after delays and comments of problems (which i dont have the time to what for fixes for) i’ve decided to cancel. 😦

  39. NickLea on

    (Follow Up) i beleive this product could of been amazing, had it been handled by someone else with more behind them. Elonex are a relatively small company and i dont beleive the Launch of the ElonexOne has been done particularly well. And also seeing as Novatech and Scan have just released exactly the same products to similiar prices they obviously didnt have the entire rights over the product. The OneT is obviously a re-brand of a different product that has sold it’s sale rights to many companies. Lake of communication, delays and reported problems killed this for me

  40. kirk on

    really can’t be bothered with this anymore, what a dissapointment from the start (march the 1st i ordered) to this lame limp to an end.

  41. Rick on

    It’s sad really to think that they could have had so much support from the OSS community for pushing a nice cheap and open unit – then they lock it down, delay the stock, start shipping different units late… with no communication.
    I’ve had to reconfirm my order twice as the DSL ordering system didn’t pick up my upgrade properly the first time, then confirmed my ‘upgrade’ to the original units…

    As a cheap ‘take it around to coffee shops and use some wifi’ they’re an ideal concept – that’s the main reason I wanted one for my wife and I… with the delays and hassle, I maybe would have been better grabbing her an EeePC or the new Asus OpenBook. But then they’re a lot more expensive than these units… which was negating the point of having a cheap small light laptop that could be thrown around in our rucksacks without worrying about it.

    ho hum.

    So I’m awaiting my unit arrivals at the end of the month – I’ll post pictures and reviews when (if) it arrives.

    I thought this could have been a fresh new launch for Elonex, but sadly they seem to have overreached themselves in this instance.

  42. NickLea on

    I have canceled my order, i remain to see if the money will be debited back to me, i also ordered one of the carry cases. I can see this slowly turning into one of the great cock ups of 2008, will everyone receive their One, who knows. Im waiting for the news that Elonex has gone into administration. Considering the current climate and the fact elonex is the biggest of companies it is possible.

  43. Lee Hancock on

    Seems Maplin has also started to sotck these…

  44. NickLea on

    Looks like Elonex have really F’d up then, seeing as their version isn’t even released yet and other companies are already selling the exact same product.

  45. Ian on

    My local Maplin allegely has 5 in-stock so might pop-around there tomorrow and have a look-see.

  46. peterg22 on

    “if anyone has received a ONEt (or even a One!), please post here and let the world know that they really do exist”

    Got mine today, and it booted up okay straight out of the box. However, on powering off then on later I’m not sure if I have a problem: the display started up full of vertical coloured lines but it still booted up confirmed by the startup tune. I left it on charge for 45 minutes then came back and it started up and worked as normal for a while, then the same again. I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t charged it for the highly recommended 8 hours the first time, but we’ll see. I put a call in to Elonex tech support and am waiting for an engineer to “call me back”. The screen is very nice and sharp though, and could be a lot of fun assuming it works.

  47. peterg22 on

    It’s definitely faulty but Elonex Customer Services said they’ll swap it out and send me a returns bag to send it back. Tech support called me at 2030 tonight – sounds like they’re incredibly busy…

  48. Andy Hollyhead on

    Good to have a good response from Elonex. Just to confirm, was this the ONEt? If so, it’s one of the first to be seen in the wild apart from review copies. Let’s hope they get a new one back to you soonest, and well done for your patience.

  49. peterg22 on

    No, this was the plain old “One”. I was offered a ONEt but declined as I have a project in mind and wanted the cheapest box available. I’ve done a sort of mini-review at my website link and added some more observations in a comment attached to that posting. I managed to do this in between crashes 🙂
    Potentially it looks a very interesting device!

  50. Nigel on

    Hi all,
    Just got my Elonex One (40 minutes ago)
    First impressions:
    Ok set of APPS.
    Didn’t see files on USB key
    Volume control didn’t seem to function but does now
    Rear mouse easy to use than front
    Lack of xterm confusing
    AbiWord takes90 seconds to load
    English Dictionary missing.
    Nice case.
    Keyboard comes off with a little “grunt”
    Seems to get a bit warm

    Will play on the train home!

  51. Nigel on

    Now using it as a photo frame and music player combi.
    Working ok.
    Wish I could get the “busybox” apps to work but that revolves around the fact that aterm is installed “chmod 0000” I think.
    Had afew issues with USB keys but ok now.
    Happily reading a 3.8GB partition on a SANDisk Cruzer.

  52. peterg22 on

    Hi 5 to Elonex: the replacement “ONE” arrived at work today and is just fine. Now for some fun, and a proper review later after I’ve taken it for a spin..

  53. Phil Archer on

    I had an Elonex one for a week and sent it back for a refund as being “unfit for purpose”. Ok I’m a Silver Surfer who is not up to speed with Linux (mid you first computer experience was a Dec PDP 11/40 Ed11 teletype papertape and magnetic core memory..!)

    Any way to get back on subject the wifi only worked reliably up to about 6 metres, the email won’t work with google mail (on pop3 will connect but times out as probably it won’t accept security certoificates) the browser won’t play real player stuff and the respnse is too slow. Running the machine past 3 teachers,one a head of IT, all said it was no good the students would be pressing buttons like craay to make things happen, they would lose concentration and go off task and as Pod casting is taking off in schools the unit would not even play them.

    The only good comment was that SEN students if issued permanently with one would look after it and the slowness might actually suit them particularly in the early years as the acquire basic literacy skills.

    However the linux geek will have great fun “jailbreaking” it they have already found out how to access xterm and the internal WIDI and blue tooth is on standard usb dongles inside so blutooth out Gbs in. There is the one button pwer on to get the boot menu and the “button of doom” which makes the unit start up as root user and drops all the fancy screens.

    But i needed something that worked from the box that I could later dabble with as a learnt more. I hope I haven’t put you all off do have fun. I’ll experiment with Ubuntu and see if the pension stretches to an ASUS Eee PC



  54. Mike on

    The 3K Razorbook 400 (512MB/4GB) is available for US$216.99 delivered.

    Here is a link to the Amazon listing: http://tinyurl.com/6xm5dx

    The actual vendor is “buynow.com”, which, in fact, is really buy.co – I’ve done business with them before and they have excellent prices and fast shipping. At least here in the US 🙂

    Mine should be here Tuesday next!

  55. Levi on

    I wasn’t hugely impressed at how Elonex seems unable to supply machines (or even just give word of when they’ll be able to supply them) in a timely manner to customers who order directly from them, yet seem able to provide stock to some retailers (such as Littlewoods).

  56. Maureen on

    I ordered my elonex one on the day of launch 28th Feb, I upgraded to the elonex t+ and was told it would be despatched in the last week of August, one week before the launch date of September 1st.
    I have just telephoned them to confirm that it will be sent this week in time for the start of the new school term as it for my grandaughter and they have now said that it will be the first week in September, I too am totally fed up and have lost all confidence in this company, why don’t they let customers know instead of them having to telephone to find out. They could not give a definate date just sometime next week so I will let you know if and when it arrives.

  57. Levi on

    yeah,strange anyway.
    Do they wanna deliver several thousands in 4 or 5 days? Doubtful indeed.

  58. Maureen on

    Hi, Got this e-mail this morning after e-mailing elonex,

    Hello Maureen,

    I’m very sorry for the delay with your delivery.

    There have been a number of factors out of our control that have caused long delays with us receiving the units.

    I can see that you have a One+ Pink on order. Those are leaving China air-freight on Sunday. It usually takes 2-3 days for us to receive from this point. That would mean we should be able to despatch on Wednesday or Thursday latest for delivery pre-weekend. Due to outside factors we cannot 100% guarantee this but there should not be a problem. I have marked your order as priority so it will be in the first batch to leave. Sorry to give you such a long winded story but wanted to be honest with stock arrivals at this point.

    If there are any further problems I will be in touch and will keep an eye on your order.

    Best regards



    I have just noticed that the e-mail says I have a one+ on order I hope that he has just missed the t off and he is not going from my original order.
    Anyway will let you know when I hear anything else.

  59. Tim on

    I emailed Elonex complaining about the lack of info, and commenting that there was more informstion on Blogs than on their own website. I had the following reply within a couple of hours.


    I’m very sorry for the delay with your order.

    All orders will be despatched next week. Due to the amount of orders they will be despatched over a few days.

    I will ask that an update is added to the website now.

    Apologies again for any inconvenience caused.

    Best regards

    Jamie Blundell
    Elonex International

  60. Andy Hollyhead on

    I think the huge number of comments here reflects the feelings of much of the Elonex One ‘to be’ community.

    Jamie seems to be doing his best to answer concerns – he’s always been helpful to me.

    I wish I had the finances to give a prize to the first person who received a ONEt!

  61. Maureen on

    Hi Andy,

    ooooh a prize would have been nice but getting the Laptop will be prize enough, at least it loooks like they are trying to get them out next week, saying that as they are still in China who knows what hold ups there could be.
    Thanks for your blog, you do get more information from here than the elonex site. Am off there now to see if they have updated.
    Kind Regards

  62. Ali on

    Hi all,

    I’m inthe same position as evryone – awaiting two Onets plus accessories. My husbamd is a corporate lawyer with clients (gladly not Elonex!) who operate with the Chinese electronics industry and he says that there are huge difficulties re. shipments at the moment.
    I emailed last week and received the news that I would have the units by the end of this week and would receive an email to notify me of dispatch. As if?!
    I am now going to cancel the orders tomorrow if I don’t get a guarantee of delivery within the next few days. The school yer has already started for my daughters.
    Perhaps we should be acting together to demand compensation within the Distance selling regulations?

  63. annette on

    Hi All,
    Well I have phoned Elonex this morning and have been told again that my two Elonex onet will be sent out the end of this week, Im sorry to say that I am fed up of being told the same thing again and again. For today to be the official launch of the Elonex onet and this wasn’t even mentioned on the phone, I think there is major problems.So to cut too the chase I have cancelled my order, in a way I’m very angry, I would have loved to see what the Elonex is like, but in another way I’m very glad because I’m now going to my local Curry’s to buy an Acer A110AW, the price of this is £199 However it does come with more memory, a very good version of Linux lite and also a built in webcam.
    Another down side is I have been told it will take 3 or 4 days for the money to get back into my bank!!
    Oh well at least I’m out of the fast that is Elonex, all I can say is good luck to everyone and I do hope you start to receive your Elonex’s at the end of this week!!

  64. Nick on

    I phoned on Friday (29/08/08) to be told that stock was in the warehouse to be despatched this week.

    The total lack of information and slipping delivery dates is becomming a real drag. I originally ordered a ONE for my daughter when deliveries were due to start in June (for her birthday in June), its now September and I have no definate indication of when I will receive it (upgraded to ONEt).

    Just hope that the wait is worth it and that I will be able to throw her off my pc at last!

  65. Ali on

    Like Annette, I phoned Elonex this morning and was told that there had been further delays in shipping and that I ‘should’ receive the two units by the end of the week. Couldn’t stand the vagueness and lack of communication any more and so cancelled my order and have just bought an Acer Aspire One from Curry’s – as stated, a much better machine and actually here!
    Good luck to those with more patience than me.

  66. Lee Hancock on

    Just got this email from Elonex saying my OneT+ has been dispatched today, just firing up my cross compiler now ;o)

  67. JohnV on

    Also notified of dispatch of my order for a OneT+. Hope its worth the wait.

  68. JohnV on

    While waiting for my OneT+ found this site which user might/will find useful:

    This site is dedicated to the OneT+, Maplin Minibook, Alpha 400 etc.
    Covers Patches & Fixes, Applications & Utilities, and Fun & Games.

  69. Andy Hollyhead on

    A great little find that JohnV – some useful things there for ONEt users when they finally get their machines!

  70. Chris on

    I’ve also got a delivery of 2 OneT+’s due today (fingers crossed) – the couriers are Home Delivery Network btw. Luckily if you’re not in when they deliver they are happy to leave with a neighbour.

  71. JohnV on

    Delivered at 7.30am. Wireless and email setup so far. Just playing with the rest of the machine. Only recently started with Linux so looking forward to more expert advice and tips.

  72. Chris on

    Fantastic! Great news JohnV – hope its all nice and working – any further reports???!

  73. Anonymous on

    Got my Onet+ today. I saw what appeared to be an easy peel tag in the top right hand corner of the screen and pulled it, thinking this would lift a protective screen film like the one that was on the lid – the screen appeared very dirty like it had been wiped with a dirty rag – but the tag came off in my hand.

    There were three blister in the top right hand corner and as I couldn’t actually see the protective screen couldn’t work out if this was a defect. Did eventually find the protective film using a jewelers eye glass and removed it.

    The onet+ connected to the internet without a problem. It is smaller and lighter (and cheaper!)than the ASUE eee so I like it. Might beef up the RAM though.

  74. Lee HAncock on

    Got my OneT+ this afternoon, WOW how small. I have not really had chance to play around yet but here is some information…

    cat /proc/cpuinfo reports…
    system type : JzRISC
    processor : 0
    cpu model :  V4.15
    BogoMIPS : 335.05
    wait instruction : yes
    microsecond timers : yes
    tlb_entries : 32
    extra interrupt vector : yes
    hardware watchpoint : yes
    VCED exceptions : not available
    VCEI exceptions : not available

    cat dmesg reports…
    CPU revision is: 02d0024f
    ICACHE waybit = 12, DCACHE waybit = 12
    Primary instruction cache 16kB, physically tagged, 4-way, linesize 32 bytes.
    Primary data cache 16kB 4-way, linesize 32 bytes.
    Linux version 2.4.20-celf3 (root@czj-146) (gcc version 3.3.1) #1 2008年 08月 18日 星期一 17:51:52 HKT
    System clock setup: iclk=335MHZ sclk=112MHZ mclk=112MHZ pclk=112MHZ
    Determined physical RAM map:
    memory: 00000040 @ 00000000 (usable)
    User-defined physical RAM map:
    memory: 08000000 @ 00000000 (usable)
    On node 0 totalpages: 32768
    zone(0): 32768 pages.
    zone(1): 0 pages.
    zone(2): 0 pages.
    Kernel command line: mem=128M console=ttyS0,115200n8 root=/dev/ssfdca1 rw noatime
    Console: colour dummy device 80×25
    Calibrating delay loop… 335.05 BogoMIPS
    Use ‘Preset loops_per_jiffy’=1675264 for preset lpj.
    Memory: 125620k/131072k available (2138k kernel code, 5452k reserved, 120k data, 464k init, 0k highmem)
    Dentry cache hash table entries: 16384 (order: 5, 131072 bytes)
    Inode cache hash table entries: 8192 (order: 4, 65536 bytes)
    Mount-cache hash table entries: 2048 (order: 2, 16384 bytes)
    Buffer-cache hash table entries: 8192 (order: 3, 32768 bytes)
    Page-cache hash table entries: 32768 (order: 5, 131072 bytes)
    Checking for ‘wait’ instruction… available.
    POSIX conformance testing by UNIFIX
    Linux NET4.0 for Linux 2.4
    Based upon Swansea University Computer Society NET3.039
    Initializing RT netlink socket
    Starting kswapd
    Disabling the Out Of Memory Killer
    Journalled Block Device driver loaded
    yaffs Aug 18 2008 17:52:44 Installing.
    JFFS2 version 2.2. (NAND) (C) 2001-2003 Red Hat, Inc.
    LCDC: PixClock:27955200 LcdClock:111820800
    Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 100×30
    pty: 256 Unix98 ptys configured
    Serial driver version 5.05c (2001-07-08) with no serial options enabled
    ttyS00 at 0xb0030000 (irq = 9) is a Jz UART
    ttyS01 at 0xb0031000 (irq = 8) is a Jz UART
    ttyS02 at 0xb0032000 (irq = 7) is a Jz UART
    ttyS03 at 0xb0033000 (irq = 6) is a Jz UART
    PCF8563 RTC installed !!!
    Setup MiniPC Power button.
    JzSOC: char device family.
    Power Failure handling supported.
    RAMDISK driver initialized: 16 RAM disks of 8192K size 1024 blocksize
    WARNING:There is not MAC address in HCI or command line! Manually set it ..
    eth0: JzSOC On-chip Ethernet,MAC ADDR:00:21:4d:00:00:01, IRQ 19
    eth0:Find 1 PHY (16) from MAC.
    STRIP: Version 1.3-STUART.CHESHIRE (unlimited channels)
    JzSOC SSI bus registered
    —> ak4642en initialization!
    JzSOC On-Chip I2S controller registered (DAC: DMA(play):0/IRQ32,
    ADC: DMA(record):1/IRQ33)
    NAND device: Manufacturer ID: 0xec, Chip ID: 0xd3 (Samsung NAND 1GiB 3,3V 8-bit)
    NAND_ECC_NONE selected by board driver. This is not recommended !!
    Creating 5 MTD partitions on “NAND 1GiB 3,3V 8-bit”:
    0x00000000-0x00100000 : “bootloader partition”
    0x00100000-0x00400000 : “kernel partition”
    0x00400000-0x00500000 : “mac partition”
    0x00500000-0x00a00000 : “mini rootfs partition”
    0x00a00000-0x40000000 : “yaffs2 rootfs partition”
    NAND device: Manufacturer ID: 0xec, Chip ID: 0xd3 (Samsung NAND 1GiB 3,3V 8-bit)
    NAND_ECC_NONE selected by board driver. This is not recommended !!
    Creating 1 MTD partitions on “NAND 1GiB 3,3V 8-bit”:
    0x00000000-0x40000000 : “extend 1G flash”
    usb.c: registered new driver usbdevfs
    usb.c: registered new driver hub
    usb-ohci.c: USB OHCI at membase 0xb3030000, IRQ 13
    usb.c: new USB bus registered, assigned bus number 1
    usb.c: kmalloc IF 811658e0, numif 1
    usb.c: new device strings: Mfr=0, Product=2, SerialNumber=1
    usb.c: USB device number 1 default language ID 0x0
    Product: USB OHCI Root Hub
    SerialNumber: b3030000
    hub.c: USB hub found
    hub.c: 2 ports detected
    hub.c: standalone hub
    hub.c: ganged power switching
    hub.c: individual port over-current protection
    hub.c: Port indicators are not supported
    hub.c: power on to power good time: 4ms
    hub.c: hub controller current requirement: 0mA
    hub.c: port removable status: RR
    hub.c: local power source is good
    hub.c: no over-current condition exists
    hub.c: enabling power on all ports
    usb.c: hub driver claimed interface 811658e0
    usb.c: kusbd: /sbin/hotplug add 1
    usb.c: kusbd policy returned 0xfffffffe
    usb.c: registered new driver hiddev
    usb.c: registered new driver hid
    hid-core.c: v1.8.1 Andreas Gal, Vojtech Pavlik
    hid-core.c: USB HID support drivers
    mice: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice
    DPM syscall already taken, system call #-42 disabled.
    JZ MMC/SD driver registered
    NET4: Linux TCP/IP 1.0 for NET4.0
    IP Protocols: ICMP, UDP, TCP
    IP: routing cache hash table of 1024 buckets, 8Kbytes
    TCP: Hash tables configured (established 8192 bind 16384)
    (eth0) Ethernet Module AutoNegotiation failed!
    eth0: Provide Mode All: (1)10BaseT-HD (2)10BaseT-FD (3)100baseTx-HD (4)100baseTx-FD

    IP-Config: Incomplete network configuration information.
    eth0 closed! Bye,see you late!
    Jz Dynamic Power Management
    apm: Simulating APM BIOS version 1.2 (Driver version 1.0)
    hub.c: port 1, portstatus 100, change 0, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 2, portstatus 101, change 1, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 2 connection change
    hub.c: port 2, portstatus 101, change 1, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 2, portstatus 101, change 0, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 2, portstatus 101, change 0, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 2, portstatus 101, change 0, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 2, portstatus 101, change 0, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 2, portstatus 103, change 10, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: USB new device connect on bus1, assigned device number 2
    usb.c: kmalloc IF 81165bc0, numif 1
    usb.c: new device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0
    usb.c: USB device number 2 default language ID 0x409
    Manufacturer: ALCOR
    Product: Generic USB Hub
    hub.c: USB hub found
    hub.c: 4 ports detected
    hub.c: standalone hub
    hub.c: individual port power switching
    hub.c: individual port over-current protection
    hub.c: Port indicators are not supported
    hub.c: power on to power good time: 44ms
    hub.c: hub controller current requirement: 100mA
    hub.c: port removable status: RRRR
    hub.c: local power source is good
    hub.c: no over-current condition exists
    hub.c: enabling power on all ports
    usb.c: hub driver claimed interface 81165bc0
    usb.c: kusbd: /sbin/hotplug add 2
    usb.c: kusbd policy returned 0xfffffffe
    hub.c: port 1, portstatus 100, change 0, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 2, portstatus 100, change 0, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 3, portstatus 301, change 1, 1.5 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 3 connection change
    hub.c: port 3, portstatus 301, change 1, 1.5 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 3, portstatus 301, change 0, 1.5 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 3, portstatus 301, change 0, 1.5 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 3, portstatus 301, change 0, 1.5 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 3, portstatus 301, change 0, 1.5 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 3, portstatus 303, change 10, 1.5 Mb/s
    hub.c: USB new device connect on bus1, assigned device number 3
    usb.c: kmalloc IF 8116ba20, numif 2
    usb.c: skipped 1 class/vendor specific interface descriptors
    usb.c: skipped 1 class/vendor specific interface descriptors
    usb.c: new device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0
    usb.c: USB device number 3 default language ID 0x409
    Manufacturer: CHESEN
    Product: PS2 to USB Converter
    input2: USB HID v1.10 Keyboard [CHESEN PS2 to USB Converter] on usb1:3.0
    usb.c: hid driver claimed interface 8116ba20
    input3: USB HID v1.10 Mouse [CHESEN PS2 to USB Converter] on usb1:3.1
    usb.c: hid driver claimed interface 8116ba38
    usb.c: kusbd: /sbin/hotplug add 3
    usb.c: kusbd policy returned 0xfffffffe
    hub.c: port 4, portstatus 101, change 1, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 4 connection change
    hub.c: port 4, portstatus 101, change 1, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 4, portstatus 101, change 0, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 4, portstatus 101, change 0, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 4, portstatus 101, change 0, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 4, portstatus 101, change 0, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 4, portstatus 103, change 10, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: USB new device connect on bus1, assigned device number 4
    usb.c: kmalloc IF 81165f60, numif 1
    usb.c: new device strings: Mfr=16, Product=32, SerialNumber=0
    usb.c: USB device number 4 default language ID 0x409
    Manufacturer: ZyDAS
    Product: USB2.0 WLAN
    usb.c: unhandled interfaces on device
    usb.c: USB device 4 (vend/prod 0xace/0x1215) is not claimed by any active driver.
    Length = 18
    DescriptorType = 01
    USB version = 2.00
    Vendor:Product = 0ace:1215
    MaxPacketSize0 = 64
    NumConfigurations = 1
    Device version = 48.10
    Device Class:SubClass:Protocol = ff:ff:ff
    Vendor class
    bLength = 9
    bDescriptorType = 02
    wTotalLength = 002e
    bNumInterfaces = 01
    bConfigurationValue = 01
    iConfiguration = 00
    bmAttributes = 80
    MaxPower = 500mA

    Interface: 0
    Alternate Setting: 0
    bLength = 9
    bDescriptorType = 04
    bInterfaceNumber = 00
    bAlternateSetting = 00
    bNumEndpoints = 04
    bInterface Class:SubClass:Protocol = ff:00:00
    iInterface = 00
    bLength = 7
    bDescriptorType = 05
    bEndpointAddress = 01 (out)
    bmAttributes = 02 (Bulk)
    wMaxPacketSize = 0040
    bInterval = 00
    bLength = 7
    bDescriptorType = 05
    bEndpointAddress = 82 (in)
    bmAttributes = 02 (Bulk)
    wMaxPacketSize = 0040
    bInterval = 00
    bLength = 7
    bDescriptorType = 05
    bEndpointAddress = 83 (in)
    bmAttributes = 03 (Interrupt)
    wMaxPacketSize = 0040
    bInterval = 01
    bLength = 7
    bDescriptorType = 05
    bEndpointAddress = 04 (out)
    bmAttributes = 02 (Bulk)
    wMaxPacketSize = 0040
    bInterval = 00
    usb.c: kusbd: /sbin/hotplug add 4
    usb.c: kusbd policy returned 0xfffffffe
    hub.c: port 1, portstatus 100, change 0, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 2, portstatus 100, change 0, 12 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 3, portstatus 303, change 0, 1.5 Mb/s
    hub.c: port 4, portstatus 103, change 0, 12 Mb/s
    +++++mount rootfs type=ext3++++
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=1
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=2
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=3
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=4
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=5
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=6
    +++++mount rootfs type=yaffs++++
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=1
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=2
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=3
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=4
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=5
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=6
    yaffs: dev is 7940 name is “1f:04”
    yaffs: Attempting MTD mount on 31.4, “1f:04”
    yaffs: auto selecting yaffs2
    block 2975 is bad
    block 5099 is bad
    block 5169 is bad
    block 5848 is bad
    block 6278 is bad
    block 7247 is bad
    Partition check:
    mmca: mmca1
    root dev name=1f:04
    VFS: Mounted root (yaffs filesystem).
    Freeing unused kernel memory: 464k freed
    **************kernel boot end=24 s
    Algorithmics/MIPS FPU Emulator v1.5
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=1
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=2
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=3
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=4
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=5
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=6
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=7
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=8
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=9
    mtdblock_block_info_map_bad_block: bad_block=10
    yaffs: dev is 7941 name is “1f:05”
    yaffs: Attempting MTD mount on 31.5, “1f:05”
    yaffs: restored from checkpoint
    NET4: Unix domain sockets 1.0/SMP for Linux NET4.0.
    SCSI subsystem driver Revision: 1.00
    loop: loaded (max 8 devices)
    usb.c: registered new driver usblp
    printer.c: v0.11: USB Printer Device Class driver
    Initializing USB Mass Storage driver…
    usb.c: registered new driver usb-storage
    USB Mass Storage support registered.
    CSLIP: code copyright 1989 Regents of the University of California
    PPP generic driver version 2.4.2
    PPP Deflate Compression module registered
    ip_tables: (C) 2000-2002 Netfilter core team
    ip_conntrack version 2.1 (1024 buckets, 8192 max) – 296 bytes per conntrack
    usb.c: registered new driver serial
    usbserial.c: USB Serial Driver core v1.4
    usbserial.c: USB Serial support registered for cp2101
    cp2101.c: Silicon Labs CP2101/CP2102 RS232 serial adaptor driver v0.07
    usb.c: registered new driver acm
    acm.c: v0.21:USB Abstract Control Model driver for USB modems and ISDN adapters
    dm9601.c: dm9601.c: v0.0.6 2001/05/24 (C) 1999-2000 Petko Manolov (petkan@dce.bg)
    usb.c: registered new driver dm9601

    _____ ____ _ ____
    |__ / _| _ \ / \ / ___|
    / / | | | | | |/ _ \ \___ \
    / /| |_| | |_| / ___ \ ___) |
    /____\__, |____/_/ \_\____/
    ZD1211B – version
    usb.c: registered new driver zd1211b
    vendor_id = 0ace
    product_id = 1215
    USB 1.1 Host
    Release Ver = 4810
    zd1211:bulk out: wMaxPacketSize = 40
    zd1211:bulk in: wMaxPacketSize = 40
    zd1211:interrupt in: wMaxPacketSize = 40
    zd1211:interrupt in: int_interval = 1
    zd1211:bulk out: wMaxPacketSize = 40
    EEPORM Ver = 4810
    zd1211:uImgLength = 1400
    zd1211:translen = 1000
    zd1211:uCodeOfst = ee00
    zd1211:result = 1000
    zd1211:translen = 400
    zd1211:uCodeOfst = f600
    zd1211:result = 400
    Finsih download Firmware. Ready to reboot
    zd1211:FIRMWARE_CONFIRM = 1
    zd1211:USB Download Boot code success
    zd1211:MAC address = 00:05:7b:63:01:c1
    zd1211:AddrEntryTable = f7f1
    zd1211:RF_Mode = 00402009
    PA type: 0
    UW2453 RF
    zd1211:Pure B-Mode
    zd1211:File opening did not success
    zd1211:AllowedChannel = 000007ff
    zd1211:LinkLEDn = 200
    AllowedChannel = 000107ff
    zd1205: (exit) zd1205_config, src/zd1205.c line 2588
    zd1205: (exit) zd1205_init, src/zd1205.c line 8563
    usb.c: zd1211b driver claimed interface 81165f60
    mmca: mmca1
    EXT3-fs: Unrecognized mount option iocharset
    yaffs: dev is 62209 name is “f3:01”
    yaffs: Attempting MTD mount on 243.1, “f3:01”
    yaffs: dev is 62209 name is “f3:01”
    yaffs: Attempting MTD mount on 243.1, “f3:01”
    MSDOS FS: IO charset utf8
    zd1205: (enter) zd1205_open, src/zd1205.c line 4417
    zd1205: (exit) zd1205_open, src/zd1205.c line 4516

    Will try and post more soon.

  75. Maureen on

    Hi Everyone,

    Still waiting, haven’t even recieved an e-mail with delivery date, I telephoned yesterday and they said they are waiting for accessories to arrive and it won’t be until next week, I am seriously fed up now.
    Can you tell me if anyone who has recieved their onet+ also ordered accessories and if you have recieved them yet.

    Thanks Maureen.

  76. netbsd on

    Lee HAncock, your dmesg output is (for all practical purposes) the same as on the Trendtac (Skytone), as can be seen here:


    Some hardware information is available at:


  77. Jules on

    So it IS a protective film???

    Asking cos mine too has a bubble and what looks like a smudged/ripped corner top right hand side and I was thinking it was a defective screen!! Does that mean I can remove it??

    Mine is the Onet (arrived yesterday with case) and I am cross that the software is different to that advertised in the one and no mention of that made. There are NO built in games unlike the specs advertised on the ONE and no one mentioned it wouldn’t be able to access online content like Youtube. Shame cos I bought it for my autistic son who is obsessed with looking up his favourite musicals on You tube..

    Other than that it’s cute, but more a wifi toy than a laptop…

  78. Rick on

    … still no word on mine yet…. I think I’m actually starting to develop a nervous twitch every time my email client makes it’s new mail noise.

    I really thought it would have been here by now with all of the canceled orders there have been recently. I wanted to hack around with the machine all weekend while I had some time off.

    Yet another week without the new laptops.

  79. gazz on

    got mine this morning . After months of waiting . A so called upgrade . Change of colour . Its here . What a waste of time ! Its for my nephew who is 7 and likes the childrens web sites like nick jr . . All of them use java . Which this pile of dog wont install . In the settings it says java enabled . . Wont let me upgrade to the latest. The novatech version is supposed to use it . So might see if i can upgrade this ones os later but for now its just gonna sit in the cupboard waiting for some clever guy to come up with a solution .

  80. gazz on

    just to add . For something aimed at a childrens market this does seem to be a bit of a huge mistake . Phoned elonex support this morning and was told i would get at call back . Think they maybe getting a onet back to be honest

  81. Chris on

    I agree with some of the above comments.

    The black shiny chassis looks really nice and generally it functions well.

    However, is there ANY way to update the flash and java?

    Also, my battery (or ‘bettery’) asthe pop up calls it, holds no charge whatsoever. Any ideas?

  82. Serge on

    Got my Onet+ two days ago.
    I have had quite a lot of success and I also have found out what the “t” stands for:
    Toy !
    A toy it is , no doubt.
    But it is a great toy !
    The easiest was email and wifi set-up, the harder to loads “games” (as they seemed to have been omitted from the ONE version)
    but it is all working fine. and grest fun.
    All my works .XLS file opens and loads very fast, also .DOC and the like from the windows platform.
    Some internet pages struggle a bit, but all the “normal” not too jazzy ones load very fast and the screen is alive ! Colourful and bright.
    To have dedicated these machines (ONE Onet and Onet+) as “educational tools” is a certain mistake, as no child would like these.
    They are too limitted and restricted.
    But for a mobile internet machine, surely the best on the market for the money.
    The main and only advantage

  83. Highlander1715 on

    I’m still waiting for the delivery of my ONEt+ or contact of any kind.

    So I’ve been surfing and I can across an item which mentions a Chinese company which makes the “Alpha400” , which looks like the ONEt and found some documentation on this address.


  84. shelley on

    I received my onet+ as a gift yesterday but as yet am unable to connect it to my wi fi, can anyone help?

  85. Rick on

    Shelley, I’ve read some articles saying they sometimes don’t connect on certain channels – if you can, try changing the wifi channel you use to something like 1.
    Also, you can update the firmware for your wifi drivers – the links in this thread should get you there (www.littlelinuxlaptop.com).

    Still awaiting my units…. absolutely NO word from them… considering I was on the “Beta Testers Program” and guaranteed a unit by the end of May… I’m starting to think I’ll just cancel my order and go out and buy two EEEPC’s.

    If the units come dead in any way I’m going to go ballistic. 😦

  86. Alan on

    My One T plus arrived 10th September and it works fine. Do charge it for 8 hours, I see some of you didn’t bother!

    Connects to Netgear router wired and wirelessly without any problems. Stays connected 30 feet from the router and when its not raining will try it at the end of the garden.

    So Phil Archer above may be its your router at fault. Also Mr Archer can you either learn better English or learn to type properly. I think its you who is unfit for purpose not the Elonex.

    This unit saves me from taking my usual notebook out on the road and as it can’t take Flash Player I won’t be distracted by youtube!

  87. Highlander1715 on

    Wow !! My ONEt+ was delivered today around 13:00 , also the cover & starter kit.

    Plugged in the adapter and powered on , slow but that’s to be expected , played with some of the apps and set the time etc.

    After some of the comments previously post ed , I decided to shutdown and let it charge the battery . put it down , turned my back and bang !!

    Adapter shorted , turned on the ONEt+ to see if it was o’k , yes looks good but low battery , so turned it of.

    I’m not very happy , can’t really express what I said !!****!!

    Phoned Elonex support , went through the call logging process and was then told that a’tech’ would call me to go through the problem , possibly today , yeah right !!

    The adapter is knackered , what do I need to talk through the problem for !!!!!

    Well , at least it looks good , so far.

    Will keep you posted.

  88. Highlander1715 on

    Got a call from ‘Elonex’ support @ 20:45 !

    Went through the problem again , the conclusion – I have to call Elonex and get them to swap machines & adapters.

    Well at least I got my hands on a ONEt+ , I was beginning to think it was a myth.

    I wonder how long it will take before I see another one ?

  89. Rick on

    Hurrah! After two angry emails to DSL and Elonex I got a response and .. my two laptops! Smaller than I was expecting and yet the keyboards are fairly comfortable to use… just charging them both up at the moment before giving them a full outing tonight and trying all the connection to my wifi network…. so far I’m impressed – managed to turn one on just to check it booted ok, the other’s battery was completely flat. Seems they must be having problems with shipping out colours or quantity as there doesn’t seem to be any logical order to which ones have been sent to people and which ones haven’t.
    I’m looking forward to working on them this weekend and giving them a good outing. Just grabbed to 2Gb SD cards to put in the units to allow a bit more storage!

  90. Suetw on

    Received my two today (onet+)…. but neither of them will connect to wifi no matter what I do. Generally impressed… especially as I thought they were fictional and someone had ripped me off. Will do just what I want and leave my full size laptop for all the real hard work.

    Now to go back and fight again with the wifi – or ring them tomorrow a very unhappy bunny.

  91. Dave on

    have justreceived my Onet today. I bought it orginally for my daughter to access her web sites like Starfalland Education city. Unfortunately they need higher levels of Flash which I can’t seem to sownload.

    As I’m not a techie like many of you, I can’t “rip the back off and start hackin”. I wouldn’t want to anyway. It was meant to be a very simple tool for use with children and education. No IT knowledge required.

    I’ve a wirless network at home but the Onet has to be right next to the wireless router to get a signal for the internet and even then it is only 25@. I havae 2 other computers around the house and the have no problem at all.

    Couldn’t get the sound to work. There’s a small flaw in the screen. Memory is poor. It keeps freezing.

    All in all a complete waste of money. In future I think I’ll stick to the tried and tested.

  92. martin Spears on

    Received our elonex one/t+ after offer of free upgrade. Purchased for our teenage daughter the original had 11 games loaded…the t+ however has none that I can find, is a mind of it’s own when in wifi and battery life appears to be a serious issue. I am seriously considering boxing it up and returning it for a refund…only thing is the refund could take as long as the one/T+ took in delivery…..AGES!

  93. steve baker on

    Love the OneT+. Installed xterm, ssh and midnight commander. It then worked fine and did everything I wanted …….. Until I changed the scheme.

    OOOOOOOPS … I broke it.

    I now have the taskbar and the background picture is very bright and blue.
    One problem. I have no icons on the desktop and no menu buttons.
    I can do nothing except turn my wireless on and off, check my battery level or turn the machine off.
    I have tried a software reset and a hardware reset. Still nothing on the desktop.
    I am still waiting for the restore image to download. Hope that works.
    Any ideas??
    I must say though, I think this wonderful little laptop is great and I hope it works again one day.
    Open Source/Open Mind

  94. Gert on

    Did you install the inittab and/or keyfunctions patch too (for console access) ? If so you may still have access to the system by means of CTRL-ALT-F3 or CTRL-ALT-X
    I am not sure if the ElonexOneT uses the same system as the Trendtac but in /root.matchbox there is a file called ‘session’ in which the matchbox window manager is started like:

    matchbox-window-manager -theme MBOpus

    maybe some other ElonexOneT user can check what is inside the original ‘session’ file and you can manually alter it back to the default theme. If all this fails you can to restore your OneT by means of an restore image. On the Elonex website I could not find it, but you can install the Trendtac image in the meantime: http://www.trendtac.nl (it is in Dutch..)

  95. Jason on

    Steve i have the same problem on mine. The restore image didn’t do a thing for me, so i’m stuck with a useless green brick that can only tell me the time at the moment. Waiting for Elonex support to call me back with an answer.

    When it was working, it did everything i wanted. I have a few sites i like to browse, i could use the chat program to talk to mates. It would read the .xls and .doc files i tried on it.

  96. Steve Baker on

    Yippee ….. I fixed it.
    I got the restore file and all went fine.

    I now have ssh, xterm and midnight commander working.

    This is a great little machine and well worth the money. Shame about flash on web not working but that is my only problem. Wifi works fine and automatically connects to available network when in range.

    I think it helps that I have been using linux for a few years now so am used to its little quirks.

    Thanks for the replies to try to help

    Hope all goes well for you all.

    Steve Baker
    Open Source/Open Mind.

  97. […] in the end I did not buy one of these cheap laptots, many people did and their comments can be read here which provides a lot of resource for anyone to work through.  I guess if I’d bought one of […]

  98. Debbie on

    Can anyone help? I brought two onet+ bundles for my 2 sons, the younger one seems quite happy with it but the older one is getting frustratd that he cant do things like watch youtube videos as apparently it doesnt support flash 9. I have managed to het msn on them but cant seem to get it so they know who is contacting them, you have to minimize the chat window, go back to the msn page then maximize the other window again and they cant seem to get pictures on their profile. I found the user maual pretty useless. If I download anything it says open or remove but when you click open, nothing happens, Im not used to this operating system as Ive only ever used windows and Im now running vista. can anyone give me any ideas on what these cute little machines are really capable of?

  99. megan on

    steve baker- on the back of my onet there is a reset button try poking it with a pencil and it should reset your whole computer

  100. megan on

    i think the elonex onet us fantastic. They DO exist so they take a few weeks to get there make sure you keep checkin your email address for the final payment bcause you have to pay the rest of the money and when yo have your elonex laptop will arrive in about 2 days to 2 week
    hope you found this helpful

    p.s. so i can play on certain games and go on youtube i need adobe flash player dos anyone know howe to download it cuz i download it thenit won’t open

  101. […] Telegraph. Marks and Spencer are going to sell a £100 Elonex netbook.  This could be the Elonex OneT, though as you’ll see there are problems with this machine still, not least of which is the […]

  102. glenn on

    waste of time have had 5 onet plus since september all the same fault battery not charging the adaptor on the laptop is loose hence not charging costing £10 every time i send back for them to say nothing wrong as they have just soldiered back on waste off time ..

  103. Larna on

    Just got mine today. i knew it wasn’t the bet net book on the market but I’m a macbook owner and really just wanted a cute little thing with internet, mail and a MA Word that I could use in starbucks that fits in a handbag. Did the set up in 15 minutes at home and and all is well. I sort of new about the youtube/flash player not working (which is a bit crappy) but hey, it was cheap and you only get what you pay for unfortunately. These things aren’t made to be hardcore. That’s what my macbook’s for.

  104. colin simpson on

    how do you turn wifi on or off on the elonex onetplus

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