Another distraction

I’m working hard marking Open University assignments.  There’s some consolation to doing this now – at least my productivity stats on RescueTime have increased – at midnight last night they were up to over 85%!

The marking is going a little easier than before, and I’ve got feedback down to a fine art.

Just a quick note about using parallels.  I’m finding that using Windows as a full window using ‘spaces’ provides the easiest experience for me.  I have my ‘mac’ view for surfing, looking at the marking scheme and ‘distractions’ (such as this blog), then Alt-Right Arrow and I’m in windows, with eTMA, Open Office and notepad for scratchpad type items.

One of my simple motivation techniques is to note the time that I complete each marking, so I know roughly how long each one takes (and where I timewaste too!).

Talking of which, better get on – fifteen more to do this weekend.

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