Migraines at the front of my mind

Anyone who knows me knows that I frequently get ‘one of my heads’.  There’s no pattern to these, apart from the fact that I usually get on shortly after a stressful period.

The excellent Radio 4 programme Check Up (also known as ‘hypochondriac’s anonymous’ focuses on headaches this week.  It’s downloadable as a podcast, and I’m listening to it as I type.  I can relate to many of the symptoms which are being discussed.

There is a migraine action association, which provides some good support for migraine sufferers.  I spotted this questionnaire –

I’m one of the 7% –  When I tell people I’ve not eaten chocolate for fifteen years they don’t believe me (especially if they’ve ever met me!).

But there’s a buzz around the treatment of headaches at the moment, as shown by this BBC news article.

As for me, panadol extra, effervescent co-codamol (which I used to buy in packs of 100), an eyemask and a cool patch makes me look like the bride of Frankenstein, but does the job most of the times and I’m almost human a a few hours, or at the most a day after the first niggle behind the eyes.

But I will keep an eye open for the transcript of this ‘Check Up’ programme, and try some of the herbal remedies which were recommended early on in the programme.

Though, as can be seen from the graph below it could be something to do with the amount of time I spend in front of (all be it very ergonomically designed) computers – RescueTime provides some scary statistics!

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