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Big Brother – RescueTime

Not that Big Brother – I’m too emotionally traumatised after watching Doctor Who to consider watching fifteen idiots willing to let them be watched 24 hours a day.

But, I was prompted by the (as usual) excellent Web Worker Daily to consider looking at RescueTime.  It’s an application which you install onto all your machines (Windows, Mac and Linux), and it monitors both web sites and other software, and creates reports.

You can also create a web-widget so that others can see what you’re doing – but that’s a little too much exposure for all of the time which I’m in front of a computer.  Here’s a snapshot as of today, as of 9pm.

Maybe I am a news addict after all!

I’ve installed it on all my home machines, and will do the same on my work one if it can cope (I’ve managed to get the 40 minutes from power-on to being able to send emails down to less than 10 – but I don’t really want to add another application to start-up, though it appears to be very efficient.

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready for a tough weekend of OU marking ahead – lots of assignments to mark before my holidays.  It’ll get done as always.