Up to speed

I’m definitely back in the swing of things at work now.  It’s been a busy day with my final routeway board as ITMB course director today.  All went well, thanks to some good administration and management support.

The rest of the day has been spent moderating MSc work, and preparing emails to students in anticipation of the results being released.

One thing that I am significantly behind with at the moment is preparation for next year’s teaching.  It seems a long way off (94 days according to a quick calculation), but take out weekends (26 days) and holidays (15 days), clearing and Open Days (say 5 days), and we’re down to 48 days.. I’m going to stop now otherwise I’m going to start panicking again.

I’m just trying a collaborative mind-map, to see if this is a way that I can work with colleagues when shaping the new module.  It may work, it may not, but it’s worth a try, and if it is successful, is something that can be shared with other colleagues.  I’m using the online package mind42 for this, which I’ve used on my own in the past, but this is the first time that I’ve tried using it in a collaborative way.

Meanwhile, I’m still working on the Scrum lectures for the advanced project management module, trying to find case studies which are (relatively) short, but don’t appear to be a sales pitch for Scrum itself.  It’s hard work, and I may end up adapting one of the ‘classic’ case studies which we use.  This is a shame, as I was also keen to bring elements of International Business into the module, but writing good case studies is notoriously difficult, even with a creative writing course under my belt!  There are resources which can easily be found through Google, and I’ve spent some time working though these, but many of these are written for business to business, or to subtly sell consultancy.  Still, the evaluation will continue.

I do try and use the skills picked up many years ago from the SAFARI online learning course developed by the Open University (and now available to all for free I’m pleased to note) to evaluate online resources, but having spent so much time online I guess that I’ve developed an ‘instinct’ rather than following through a specific criteria for a website.  If I finally do bite the bullet and commit to  a Higher Degree, this is no doubt something I will need to revisit.

Still, the weekend beckons, and less than a fortnight before I’m on my holidays!

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