Amazon DVD rental discount

The changeover from Amazon DVD rental to LoveFilm has now been completed.  The new interface is slick, and whilst I have yet to receive a DVD rental from Lovefilm, I have no doubt that the service will be good – they have a near-monopoly now on the service in the UK – even the Tesco DVD rental which I briefly flirted with last year was clearly a LoveFilm rebrand (and not a very good rebrand at that!).

I still have my ‘mean’ £3.99 a month for two DVD rentals.  This does me fine, at the moment it’s a struggle to get the time to watch those, although ‘Black Sheep’ was very, very funny last weekend.  This offer is not available to new subscribers now.

But one thing I am disappointed about is the loss of the 10% discount on DVD purchases – it’s now only 5%.  I’ve written to Amazon about this, and got the following response..

I can understand your concern and apologise sincerely for any inconvenience or misunderstanding caused.

We regret to inform you that we have revised our DVD Rental discount to 5% for our subscribers as a result of the DVD Rental transfer and we are unable to retrieve the 10% discount that you have received earlier.

However, you will continue to receive this 5% DVD retail purchase discount. We offer DVD Rental by Post members an extra 5% discount off the price (current price at time of purchase) on all DVDs purchased from

Please note that this offer does not include DVDs purchased from Marketplace and zShops.

You don’t need to do anything special to take advantage of these savings. As long as you remain a member of DVD Rental by Post (including remaining a member of the LOVEFiLM DVD Rentals service after the transfer is complete), the discount will be applied to all your DVD purchases from

Still, 5% is better than nothing.  It will be interesting to see if the 10% is still applied to pre-ordered DVD’s, I have a Torchwood box set on order since March, will I get my full discount?

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