iWork / I don’t Work

I’ve been off work sick the last couple of days, not great timing for me with no bathroom in the house for much of the time. Still, I can always rely on the kindness of strangers… actually I can’t, and have been relying on the bathroom and coffee shop of the ‘local’ Sainsbury’s – when you have to drive ten miles round trip you do seriously consider if you *have* to visit the loo!

But it does mean I was at home when my copy of iWork arrived. I downloaded the 30 day trial version, and found that it did most of what I need from a word processor and spreadsheet, and much more than I needed from a presentation graphics program. You’ll recall that’s my big problem with NeoOffice – apart from being a little unstable in places, Impress simply doesn’t do what I need to create my teaching lectures.

I’m booked into the docs Monday, and then the plan is still to head to Greenwich for my external examining, but it depends how I feel after the weekend. Fortunately ‘the cat’ (see some of the comments to previous postings) is coming round later today to bring me a important folder, and news of the outside world.

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