Elonex One Delivery – update on web site


The following notice appeared on the Elonex One home page a few days ago.

So their idea of a delivery in June, is that of starting deliveries in June, and ending sometime before September.  I think this reinforces the view that ‘if an offer’s too good to be true’ it probably is.

Let’s do a simple calculation, 200,000 x £10 deposits for four months average, at 5% interest (which should be possible) – that’s £25,000 earned in interest (not compounded) on deposits paid.

For complex reasons I was in ToysRUs on Monday, and the Asus EEE 701 was there in black or white and able for me to pick up for £215.  If I was cash richer I would have gone for it, but it’s a lean month this month, and I’m still keen to see what a £120 laptop will look like.

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