Bathroom Delivery

Working from home today finishing off all my placement visit paperwork, and writing module reports. Luckily, I’ve had some great students, so this should be a fairly easy job.

I’m also expecting my new bathroom to be delivered today. The delivery has all been arranged online, I’ve just logged on and was amazed to get the following –

So I can get a cuppa ready for Steven and Paul around 15:35! Let’s see how close they get to the delivery time recorded above, especially as there have been a few problems on local roads recently.

Slight sarcasm aside, it’s good to see internet technologies being deployed in this way.

UPDATE – as promised it arrived at 2:30.  There’s some clever software here, during the day the van graphic moved towards the house, and the arrival time adjusted.  All OK, and I’ve signed (electronically) for the eleven packages which are now sitting in my conservatory.

Work-wise, It’s been fairly productive, even if I did have to escape for an hour and answer work emails whilst in Sainsbury’s cafe.

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