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Huawei Modem on a Mac laptop

Through a friend, I was able to trial a USB modem on my Mac laptop.  As this post testifies, set up was easy, a lot easier than my earlier web surfing thought it would be.

I took it on a ‘road test’ on Saturday, and managed to listen to BBC7 streamed through real player from my laptop all the way to the Asda car park.

So I’ve agreed to take the modem on, an 18 month contract with three at just a tenner a month for a 3 gig limit, which is a fiver saving (plus a free modem) on the list price.

Of course, it couldn’t be a techie gadget for me without some teething problems, and again this relates to my house, which *just* happens to be out of the 3G ‘turbo’ area.  Fine just off the estate, and as I head to my nearest town (Cannock) the speed becomes positively fast, but the idea that I could disconnect my landline broadband and switch over to 3G full time is a non-starter.

But, I am confident that I will get use out of it, if not on a daily train commute, but for anywhere I want to quickly check my emails, or when on holiday (if I’m allowed!).

For the techies, and the search engines out there, the modem is a Huawei E169G USB modem, and can confirm that it works on a Mac running OS 10.5.3.

And to prove it works, I’m posting this blog using it!