Streaming iTunes movie rentals

You can’t!

That would have been a short posting wouldn’t it?  Still, it sums up a snag which I really didn’t think I would have.

I downloaded the movie to Big Mac, my iMac desktop, taking six hours rather than the anticipated five hours, but I just left it there.  Then last night I took my MacBook to bed, to watch it through FrontRow, in the same way that I listen to downloaded music.

No luck, it simply doesn’t appear in the list of Movies.

I didn’t have chance to see if it was visible in iTunes, it was late and I was tired.

If I have misunderstood how and where I can watch movie rentals and downloads, then it really is a troublesome limitation.  I can ‘sort of’ see why they don’t allow this, the last thing that you want is to be sharing your iTunes library and for someone to watch your downloaded video.

I’m going to do some digging to see if the same thing happens with Apple TV – I’ll keep the comments thread open to see if anyone has any ideas on this.


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  1. the cat (you know who i am!) on

    Just go to asda and buy it. it comes on a nice silver disk in a nice case and costs about the same price. And given your download speed you could drive to asda, watch it, and still have time to buy me a pint in the time it takes to download!

  2. Andy Hollyhead on

    You’ve not grasped the idea of technology. just because other ways are ‘easier’ or ‘cheaper’, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be used.
    Have to admit, not actually started to watch the video yet – but I’ve got another 25 days yet.

  3. […] but it depends how I feel after the weekend.  Fortunately ‘the cat’ (see some of the comments to previous postings) is coming round later today to bring me a important folder, and news of the […]

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