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All volunteers take one step backward

Ah, it’s the start of June, which can mean only one thing – planning induction for the third week in September.

We’re going for a ‘light touch’ this year, it’s too easy to tell students what you think they need to know, rather than what they need.  So instead of a full week of activities, we’re going for a single intensive day, merging all undergraduate and postgraduate work together.

For various reasons I’ll be less involved this year than in other years, but I have volunteered to provide a talk about the in-house guides called ‘Essential’, and to point out the important academic regulations which may affect students.

I can do this – though I’m keen to make the presentation interesting and ‘punchy’ rather than a succession of bullet points in Powerpoint.  So I’m looking for rich media, pictures, videos and even sounds to make this work.

Which is why, with much reluctance, I’ll be using PowerPoint.  Whilst OpenOffice Impress and NeoOffice Impress are fine for simple presentations, I need something that’s got better media handling capabilities, and most importantly, is compatible with the software on the lecturns – namely PowerPoint!

Whilst disappointed that I can’t keep 100% Open Source/mac at home, it’s a pragmatic step.  Having made this decision also now means that I have no excuse not to start preparing in earnest for next year’s teaching.

Ho hum.