Elonex email error

I received a strange email earlier this week, which I simply thought was a piece of spam which had simply missed the usual excellent spam filters.

However I received the following email this morning from Elonex – please note my emphasis.

Dear Customer,
You may have received an email earlier this week that simply said sdfsdf.
This was an internal test email that was sent to a number of customers in error.
You will receive an update email in the next two weeks with details on delivery dates.
If you have cancelled or have an incomplete order you would also have received this mail but your order will remain cancelled and unaffected.

Sorry for any confusion caused.

Best regards
The Elonex One Team

So Elonex may still hit their June delivery date, though to be honest my confidence is not high.  It’s a real shame that Elonex hasn’t been able to capitalize on the buzz that surrounding the announcement of the One.  Let’s hope that this delay is not indicative of a more serious problem.

I know there are other blogs posting about Elonex One, I’ve opened the ‘comments’ section below, it would be great if other people who are blogging about this post a link to their own blogs.


2 comments so far

  1. Kyle on


    Just thought I’d let you know about the delivery status. Elonex are shipping out the Beta Units for people who joined the early shipment program(me!) by contacting them after preordering.

    So, those beta units are the first to go out, then followed by all other orders, to be fulfilled by the start of the school term around about September.

    Hope that shines some light on the situation! You might still be able to join the early shipment program, just drop them an email.

    Interesting blog by the way, always a good read! 🙂

  2. Andy Hollyhead on

    Thanks Kyle for the comment – as I type I’ve still not heard. Let’s see what develops in July.

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