Best value TomTom One

I mentioned that around a month ago my Sat Nav was stolen from my car.  I did buy a replacement straight afterwards, but was really unhappy with it.  It offered no options to avoid motorways, I couldn’t change the voice, and some of the directions didn’t seem accurate to me.

So as soon as I could justify it, I was hunting for another TomTom system.  My old ‘One’ was over two years old, and was version 1 of the system.

It was tempting to wait until the new version comes out (but this will be more expensive at launch, and I’m not persuaded that the price difference is worth it), but there are some really good offers on the version 3 at the moment.  After some hunting, I decided that the best offer for me was here from Amazon.  The ‘Explore’ pack comes with safety cameras pre-loaded, and a carry case which always helps.  And at £105, it’s half the price (and size) of my first TomTom one.

I’ve been really impressed, as I thought I would be.  TomTom has evolved over time, and extra features have added to it’s usabillity, not taken away from it.  For example a gentle ‘bong’ when you significantly exceeed the speed limit.  The maps are clear, and I find the directions at islands very clear, telling you take the 1st/2nd/3rd exit, rather than ‘turn left/right at the roundabout’.

And there’s also improved security, as you can add a PIN number to unlock the sat nav.  Doesn’t really help once someone’s broken in, but maybe knowing that the device is useless would help my peace of mind.

It’s first extended test is tomorrow, as I head to Reading, then Epsom, then Leatherhead for my final round of placement visits.  Let’s hope the hotel has wi-fi

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